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Monday, June 10, 2002 7:16 PM

So LoriU, Steve, my sister Liz, and myself had been debating stopping at SFWoA on Saturday, as this park is on the way home to Pittsburgh. We'd also discussed the idea of going back to Cedar Point, but ultimately decided against it. Instead, the plan was to eyeball Six Flags and go in if it didn't look too bad.

This was, as it turned out, the right decision. By the time Liz and I checked out of our Sandcastle Suite, Steve & Lori had packed up their camper, and we'd eaten breakfast, Cedar Point was filling up, FAST. As we drove out and down the causeway, we saw what looked like MILES of bumper-to-bumper cars, buses, more cars, more buses. Was anyone at the park that day to confirm how bad the crowds were?

We arrived at Six Flags and pulled into the lot. The parking lot was pretty full, but the X-Flight line hadn't looked bad, so we decided to go in since we were already there. The midways were moderately crowded, but the coasters all had SHORT lines. Lots of people milling about, and it looked like the Wild Life side was crowded, but in the next few hours we rode:

Batman Knight Flight (3 laps, all in back) -- 2 train operation. For our third lap, BKF went down briefly. We decided to wait it out, and under 10 minutes later we were on.

Villain (2 laps) -- Impressively, they were running both trains, even though we were able to literally walk up and on. No complaints there.

Big Dipper (1 lap)

S:UE (1 lap) -- This ride was closed when we arrived at the park, but opened while we were on Big Dipper, so we booked on over.

Roadrunner (1 lap)

Yes, "that's it". Given we stopped for a short while on the way home, that's not bad.

We also checked out the "Season Passholders Club", Beachcomber. This place has potential -- the menu was limited, but prices were reasonable. We opted for the hoagies (which are premade, but were quite fresh) and soda, while Steve had a beer and nachos. The menu also includes items such as cookies, pretzels (including stuffed pretzels, which contain cheese or apple cinnamon), and margaritas.

Combine the above with seating and air conditioning (and an empty "club" on this day), and the result is a pleasant place to retreat for an hour.

So, the net result was exactly what we wanted -- a short, pleasant stop at a park on the way home. This was my second stop at SFWoA this year, and if things continue like this, I'll be very happy to go again.

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Monday, June 10, 2002 8:06 PM
joe.'s avatar Greg, good TR. Did you have as hard of a time finding Bewachcomer's as me and James K did? We got off the ferry and circled it before finding the enterance.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2002 11:04 AM
Steve and I had previously been there and checked out the place before it was even open. The girl working there said they were originally going to have pizza there also, but doesn't look like it's going to happen. :( If you want a meal, I wouldn't suggest Beachcomber's, but if you just want a break with a snack and drink, it's a great place. Pretzels were a buck less than in the parkand soda was $1.50. Pretty good considering they followed CP's gouging of $3 for a 20 oz bottle. They also offer Strawberry Daquiri's and Pina Colada's for $4.50.

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