6/25/2014 - Cedar Point Trip

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(copying here from Pointbuzz)

Had our yearly visit to the park yesterday. We now have an increasing number of younger ones with our family, so not as many big rides as in past years. Random thoughts...

1. New Gemini midway looks great. I took some pictures of the shuttered games area and black top asphalt last summer and the area looks completely rejuvenated.

2. The award for ugliest area of the park goes to the Luminosity/Iron Dragon midway. The stage and bleachers all look like they were just shoved into place and stick out with kinds of metal poles sticking out everywhere.

3. Rode Shoot the Rapids for the first time. The middle row was not being loaded for any boats, but all other rows were. the various effects were working well (mist in tunnel, water bombs, waterfalls), but this ride is slow and rather bland outside of the two drops. The first drop dumps a wave of water into the front seats, which is really lame. The second drop is much better with the more traditional splash down spray getting you wet. I don't think this is going anywhere anytime soon. Snake River Falls will go first and that probably won't happen soon either.

4. Famous Dave's wasn't as good as I remember it being 5-6 years ago. Service was ok, food was a B-.

5. I like the "25" written in rocks on the beach underneath the Magnum turnaround/pretzel.

6. We managed to ride Magnum, Mean Streak, Maverick, Millennium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster between 7:45 and 10:15 PM. Fast Lane is so unnecessary if you visit during May/June weekdays.

7. The bugs were out in force during the later evening hours. Front seat riders on Millennium Force came back with lots of additional "decoration" on their clothes. One girl claimed she ate at least 10 during the ride. Another guy had "black acne" of the forehead.

8. They were all out of Blue Streak 50th anniversary t-shirts in all sizes except small. I sent a request that they be added to the online marketplace site. I'm betting their are many others who would buy one online.

9. GateKeeper is really a fun ride, but most people seem to be "one and done" with it. Even though I like it, I think I still prefer a ride on Magnum, Millennium, Dragster, Maverick, or Raptor before it. Kinda hard to pick it as your final ride of the day against such competition.

Hoping to be back for Halloweekends! Keeping my fingers crossed for another park-hosted media event or a BooBuzz type event.

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