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On the first Sunday of June I was expecting medium wait times but because Im a South Jersey native and I live near the Atlantic City Expressway I know that sundays are the best days to go, zero waits. theres still a whole lot of people on the boardwalk, and thats what I like but the wait times for all the coasters were always walk ons. Thats why I think Wildwood is a great vacation place. Onto the TR,

I got to Wildwood around 2:30 parked for free at Baker Ave. It was me and my cousins from Ohio and my sister and my sisters boy friend. We decided to hit the beach first for 2 hrs, but because the winds were so high and sand was getting everywhen we only stayed for an hour. We got changed then got something to eat at Macks pizza, I always stop there love there pizza, then it was off to Raging Waters at Mariners Landing, because Morey Pier's water park I'm most postive is closed because there making it bigger. We hit the water park around 4 so we had only an hour, but we did all the slides the End-Less river and all the kiddy attractions in 1 hour no waits at all! There slides are pretty decent especially the Mat slides, both the body slides were closed. All in all I give Raging Waters at Mariners Landing a +3, (My ratings goes from +5 = Great! and -5 Hate this ride). As soon as we were done at the water park it was onto the Rides!

We decided to drop everything off at the car and work our way up the boardwalk starting at Wild Wheels, first (dry) ride of the day was Doo Wooper I really like Wild Mouses but for some reason this one disappointed me, the reason, I have no clue I just didnt have fun, I give Doo Wooper a 0.Next we did Inverter just like every other Chance Inverter, I give that ride a +1. Next was The Mummys 3-D Adventure this ride is just a big waste of space I give it a -5, Then it was time for the might Great White, this ride looks very, very impressive from the Boardwalk, and its a good CCI coaster, not great or anything but its a great wooden roller coaster in a great loaction. The ride its self starts going under-neath the board does a turn and starts up the lift, The drop is awesome and if your in the font seat you get alot of air time going up the first hill. Then you sweep around and do a 180-degree turn and do basically do the same thing again but lower, then you have like 4 bunny hills, then a turn around, then a drop and you come into the break run, all in all I give this coaster a +4, I think they should of the lift bigger you could seriously get some major air if you were going faster. Onto Mariners Landing I notice something about all three piers that there geting rid of alot of thrill rides and putting in tamer ones. They got rid of Storm and put in a Rock climbing wall, they got rid of Chaos and put in Tornado, and they got rid of 1 track worth of go-karts at Wild Wheels.

Onto Mainers Landing rides first ride was Kite Flyer I dont know why but I get a real big kick of these rides. A +2. Then it was Moby dick this is cool little thrill ride that gives some nice air, you can find one of these at a carnival near you. A +1. Then it was this ride I forgot the name of, and it is insane! You get in suspended then you start to go around then it lifts up and it spins you upside down with all of your weight on your shoulder restraint, whew what a wild ride! A +3.Then it was time for the old fashioned ferris wheel I love this ferris wheel you can see the awesome rides and get to see the unforgettable ocean, great at sunset! Then it was time for Sea Serpent your regular old-school Boomerang I kinda like this coasters but I would only give it a +1. Then it was for the Pinfari Rollies Coaster, its ok but it would be more fun if it didnt have OTSR. I give it a -1. The Dark River was closed which I was very disappointed because I love haunted houses. It was time to move on to Moreys Pier.

Moreys Pier offers most of the thrills out of all three piers, first ride on this pier was RC-48 I hate this ride my back is still hurting from it I think because Im too tall Im 6'2 and 175 pounds. This coaster is the worse coaster on all three piers and I say bring back Jet Star! I give RC-48 a -5, it has freaking OTSR on a family coaster! Then it was for Flitzer a classic Schwarkopf coaster I like this coaster with its cheap wanna-be Star Wars detail. I give it a +1, no restraints except for a seat belt. The it was onto Condor a regular HUSS high in the sky scrambler it was ok, -1. Then it was onto Dantes Inferno, my faviorite haunted house on all three piers. Really sweet drawings that I want in my room! a +2! The Great Nor Eastern was closed :(, but I been on it before and I give it a +3 its a regular Vekoma SLC but because of its location I'll bump it an extra rating. Then I rode Gravitron went upside down a millon times and it was cool, 0. Then it was my faviorite ride of Moreys Pier ZOOM FLUME! I love this ride its my faviorite Log flume ( I havent been to IOA yet), after it I went to Gateway 26 won a few prizes for my lil sis and then decided to leave beacuse it was already 10 and all the rides were closing, out of all the roller coasters I probably rode them 10 times, theres alot of people on the piers but theres never long waits. Also for Draculas Castle all I could see it looked like nothing was everythere. Its a shame not seeing it. Well I been typing for at least a 1/2 hour so this concludes my Trip Report on Moreys Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey. A great vaction spot everything you want is all there beach, roller coasters, water parks its just a great place.

Great TR! Sounds like a fun place!

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