6'1 375lbs- Coasters I can/can not ride at KD and BGW

I want to also see what other coasters are "big boy" friendly, so please add your input. Here is what I am able to ride at both parks.

KD- Intimidator 305! Anaconda, Stunt Coaster, Grizzly, Rebel Yell, Hurler, Avalanche. I was very close on Dominator, Flight of Fear and have a few more inches for volcano.

Busch Gardens- Loch Ness Monster. I could ride BBW before they tore it down. I can not ride Griffon, Alpengeist or Apollos Chariot.

Hopefully, after I drop about 20 more lbs, I will be able to ride them all.

Love to hear what else us oversized people can ride.

I really don't know what to tell you. 6'1" and 375# is really big. I am 6' and 220 and I consider myself a pretty big guy and I know plenty of people just a bit larger then me who have issues especially with Intamin Hypers.

At 6'1" and 375 I really have no idea what you could fit on, perhaps any woodie with PTC trains but even then I would not count on it as you already said you coudln't fit on Rebel Yell or Hurler or Grizzly.

Even dropping 20 pounds I really don't know what difference it would make.

-Brent Kneebush

He said he could ride those wooden coasters. So are you asking what other rides you can ride at those two parks or do you mean in general? In general it seems like any wooden coaster with PTC trains, and maybe even GCIs that run millennium flyers. The only problem I see with the flyers are seatbelts. Some run with and some run without, so it is hard telling. Also, some B&M coasters have larger equipped seats on their trains so that is also something to check out! Good luck with dropping weight as well!


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I doubt he would be able to lock the T-bar on a GCII train. I'm not even close to his size and I have trouble sometimes. Some bars lock more easily than others, even on the same train. Arrow OTSR's and PTC ratchet bars are your friends. However, some PTC's have extremely short seat belts, while others have extremely long seat belts.

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Hey Matt!! It's Patrick how have you been? See you at HWN? I'm just trying to think of any other option he could take advantage of and give a more hopeful response than the one above me, that's all.


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Hey buddy. You know I'll be there. :)

^Antons with lap bars are also your friends! A good friend of mine is shorter yet heavier than you (due to battling cancer) and he can ride just about any PTC with individual lap bars, Vekomas/Arrows with OTSR's, Morgan hypers and Schwarzkopf', but not Intamins, B&M's or GCII's with Millennium Flyer trains. Good luck.

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Just as a general note be sure to ask an attendant when you get to the ride if you're not sure about fitting. They may be able to point you to your best option. As mentioned some of the B&Ms have larger seats so you'll want to know what row to get in line for so it's not a big deal when you load. Coaster attendants deal with large guests on a regular basis so will usually know where some of the more accomodating seats are if they exist. Occasionally some will have longer seatbelts than others if that is an issue. I remember the last row, right seat on the old Arrow mine train cars was a bit more accomodating than the rest of the seats for some reason.

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cdrpointcrazy44 said:
Hey Matt!! It's Patrick how have you been? See you at HWN?

If this is the same Patrick I'm thinking of - I'll see you at HWN, too. If it's not, I'll see ya there anyway. :)

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Patrick and Friends!

Sadly I'm up in the air about HWN at this point :-(.

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That it is, sir, that it is...


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Guess I could have just followed your Facebook link in your profile. :)

You bringing the fire to HWN?

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Oh, THAT Patrick. Yeah, I've got video of the fire show on my phone. :)

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LOL, yes, THAT Patrick. Still cute as ever... the fire show at PPP was pretty awesome.. :)

Seeing you all at HWN...

bigdaddy, remember that weight really doesn't indicate dimensions, which are really the determining factor. Matt, for instance, has esp. broad shoulders, which stops him on some of the OTSR's like a Chance-Morgan Revolution. Losing weight is almost never a bad idea (we've almost all got SOME extra), but a larger frame in the thigh bones and esp. shoulders are what will typically preclude you from riding some rides. Another example: RipSaw Falls at IoA is going to be near-impossible for anyone over 6'2" at this point, and tricky for anyone over 6' - I'm 5'10", and had to do considerable contortion just to get in the ride (lapbars).

If you have facebook please friend me and upload the video? I am always looking to improve! Thank you!


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Sure thing! I only have the last 45 seconds or so.

For PTC's, the type of seat divider can also make a difference. For example Thunderhawk has dividers that are hollow in the center, the divider on Rolling Thunder are solid and much more restrictive.

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Even more than the divider, the type and thickness of the padding can be a limiting factor. Rolling Thunder and the SFOG woodies have extremely thick, aftermarket rigid padding that does not give like the stock PTC stuff. Rolling Thunder has become very uncomfortable for me to even sit in the seat.

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At my heaviest I was about your size. 6'3 375 lbs. And I'll agree with many of the people here, how you are big is more important than that you are big. At 375lbs, couldn't ride any B&M Coaster, big boy seat or not. I could just barely ride Beast at Kings Island. That being said, I could easily fit all of the WDW coasters. In 2004-2005 I lost over 100lbs, and at about 280lbs (eventually hit 265) I was able to ride MF and TTD at Cedar Point, rides notorious for having small seats. But, the way I carried my weight allowed the seat belt to buckle and just barely get enough slack. I ended up regaining about 1/2 the weight loss and I'm now in the process of losing it again. Last fall at about 300lbs, I was able to ride Diamondback.

I'm planning on a trip this to LA area to run the Disneyland half marathon (my 4th), and was about to ask the same question about the rides at DL, KBF, and SFMM.

Thanks for all of the replies everyone. I am going to try to get down below 300 this summer and take a trip to CP and hopefully be able to ride on a bunch of coasters.

Johde said:

I'm planning on a trip this to LA area to run the Disneyland half marathon (my 4th), and was about to ask the same question about the rides at DL, KBF, and SFMM.

As a 6' tall guy who used to be really big I thought I'd share my opinions and some facts about the most restrictive rides at the SoCal parks..

Space Mtn - limited legroom for those taller than 5'10. thick thighs equals discomfort with the lapbars but they lock in any position so no worries about getting kicked off for most folks. sit in any row except the front of a car to save your knees

All dark rides - back rows tend to have more leg room

Mullholland/Goofy Sky School - leg room again. sit in the back to save your knees

Silly Symphony Swings - less than a year after the park opened they switched out the classic waveswinger chains for cables so there's no 230lbs weight limit, but the seats are still narrow if you have a wide bottom

Xcelerator - more forgiving than TTD and MF. typically as long as the seatbelt buckles you are good to go (they have no sensors on the lapbars just the generic "level" device). i was able to start riding this once i got down to 310 (yes I was HUGE) and i have pretty big thighs...it wasnt the lapbar for me, but rather the seatbelt. as with most intamin hypers, the backrows seem to have more legroom or its just the positioning of the seat.

Supreme Scream - not all the belts are created equal, peep them out as you wait

Silver Bullet - has sensors that dont match up to the length of the belts...perhaps due to them being stretched out over time. even though it may click, you may be between harness clicks. luckily big boy seats are available if you need them

Revolucion - as with all the Chance Revolutions/KMG Fireballs, not all seats are equal. they usually will work with bigger folks to move them to better seats. if you can ride Supreme Scream, you should be ok with this

Perilous Plunge - this one is more about shoulders than anything now. if you are broad chested its gonna be a squeeze to get the belt clicked.

Sierra Sidewinder - has a go/no go marking next to the lap bar, but if you cross your legs, you should be ok providing the seat belt buckles.

Wave Swinger - has a 230lb limit that they dont police. the biggest thing is if the belt buckles (ive seen some rather large folks on there). these seats seem smaller than the ones at Disney as well.

Batman - these belts always seem shorter than older similar rides to me. there are no big boy seats (or a test seat for that matter). folks are always getting denied on this one. I'd say 300 is the go/no go point providing you dont have a big belly.

Scream - the slightly reclined nature of the floorless seats helps. they have big boy seats in rows 4 & 5 if you need

Colossus - the only Morgan trains i have ever seen with individual lapbars. most people can fit, however there is a yellow mark on the side of the car as well as one on the lap bar. the line on the lap bar is "supposed" to go past the one on the side of the car, however I have witnessed them not checking (kids holding the bar up in an attempt for extra airtime) but then I have also seen denials. the go/no go is about 4 clicks

Goliath - taller people and those with thick thighs should sit in the front of a car as the lapbar is shaped differently giving a little more room. i have never seen a denial though

Riddler - thick thighs and bellies seem to be the culprit here. the belt clips at three clicks.

Goldrusher - next to Batman, the most restrictive ride in the park due to the single position bar. aim for the middle row of any car so you can neatly cross your legs and tuck underneath the seat. the front has no knee room and the back is over the wheels so that protrusion blocks you from using the area under the seat for your feet.

Apocalypse - the lapbars on these Flyers lock at the point where the bar meets the side of the car, so if your body extends beyond that, its a no go.

Tatsu - can be a bit temperamental with the sensors depending on the seat, just make sure you sit all the way back BEFORE pulling down the harness.

Interestingly enough I think X2 is one of the more accommodating rides in the park. And now that Superman has the new seats, I'd say the same for it as well.

That's about it. IMO, everything else should be a go if you are still in the 300 range when you visit. As others say its HOW your weight is distributed. For me I was (and still am to a lesser extent) big all over.

BTW when you are fat, you notice how you fit in EVERYTHING. Not only rides, but seats, cars, etc. Even if a big person doesn't look like they are worried about fitting, chances are they are.

Feel free to hit me up if you want more specifics.

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