6 hour trip to SFDL july 9

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Monday, July 9, 2001 4:42 PM
I went up to SFDL for the first time this year with one of my friends. We arrived at the park around 11:00. Predator and Boomerang were down all day. We headed directly toward S:ROS, after about a 20 minute wait we climbed in the back seat in the blue train. This ride is a rush, it’s my favorite ride of all time now. My friend and I decided to go on Viper, we walked into the station right into a seat. This ride is ok but seemed slow after just riding Superman. We walked over to Mind Eraser, only 1 train running. We got a back seat ride after about a 15-minute wait. This ride is pretty rough and I banged my head a couple times. We walked over to see if Predator was open and to our disappointment it was still down. I overheard someone talking saying that a wire or something had snapped and that the mechanics were trying to fix it. We went on Superman, 2 train wait. We walked off and got back on within another 15 minutes. On these two rides I blacked out for a second or two in the first helix. We got off and headed toward boomerang, still down. We walked over to Twister, this was my first time on this ride. It is a good ride but my shoulders got sore after I got off. We sat in the end of the first row. We headed back toward Viper and got another walk on. By now my friend and I were getting hungry so we both got a sub from subway. The sub was good and we decided to take a break from the rides. We waited about 15 minutes for grizzly run and we both got soaking wet. We decided to dry off by going on Superman. We got another 4 rides in 1 hour. By now we were starting to dry off. We walked back toward Twister. Rode it at the end of the second row, it was a totally different ride and seemed more intense. We had another ride on Viper, then headed toward Mind Eraser. The ride still only had 1 train running. We waited an hour and 15 minutes for it. By now my friend had to be home in a little bit so we left.

Ride totals for six hours

S:ROS 10 times
Viper 3 times
Twister 2 times
Mind Eraser 2 times

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