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Monday, July 14, 2003 10:44 AM
Seeing as how I'm mvong to TX in a month, I decided to see how the park was. I dragged my bf with me on Saturday....(first mistake) it was crowded, maybe I'm just spoiled and should've known better than to go on a Sat. but hey it was worth it.

My only complaints were the crowds, MR. Freeze wasn't working (anyone know why?) and it w too damn hot for me! The park is layed out pretty well, and the landscaping was just gorgeous. We rode Titan first, that ride was great, we stat in the very last row, and the air time was nice, although the g's that we pulled were strong, and for a first ride it definetly woke us up! We then went and rode Texas giant...Never again! I swear to god I disclocated every joint and rib in my body. We sat in 1-2 and it was just way to rough.

Overall we hit up every ride, (with the exception of spin & pues 'cause I get violently ill on them) and went to watch "state of rythm" which ended up being cancelled due to "technical difficulties" (turns out 2 cast members were injured so that was cool that they cancelled the shows)

Anywho, just my few cents on the park, next time I'm hoping to get to Hurricane Harbor as well!
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Monday, July 14, 2003 11:20 AM
Sounds like you and I had similiar experiences with this park. If you didn't like Texas Giant avoid The Rattler at SFOT it's worst. State of Rythm was a pretty good show (actually, now that I think about it it was a darn good show). I really liked the routines and could see how the cast members got injured. I wasn't impressed with Hurricane Habor. Thought it was a old, decreeped (sp?) and in much need of a face lift. Just my opinion.

A possible alternative is NRH20. My wife and I are probably going to try this water park the next time when are in the Dallas area.



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