5.8 Earthquake north of Richmond VA -

Quake in the Richmond area today. Anyone on the ground with info on how Kings Dominion reacted?

I would have to think that a quake is at the bottom of their preparedness list, so I'm curious as to how it played out. (Not to say they are unprepared, just that severe weather is what they usually plan for).

It was felt in Akron, Ohio according to a buddy. That is a LARGE area.

I was in the 5.3 in northeastern Ohio in the 80s and it was a shaker and attention getter but there was not any significant damage nor loss of life.

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Shook the hell out of my office building in Northern VA (Reston). I can't imagine what it was like near the epicenter (Mineral, VA). It was a 5.9.

I've heard it was felt as far south as Charlotte, NC and as far north as Boston.

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Felt it here at work in Canton, OH. Strangest feeling I've ever felt.

People in my office in Cleveland say they felt it. I did not though with all of the Avenger stuff blowing up maybe I just missed it.

I remember the one in the 80s. Was very odd. Cannot imagine what it would be like with a real quake or experiencing them more often.

We all felt a big jolt at work here in Charlotte, NC. We were joking that it was an earthquake.....turns out, IT WAS!

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We felt it here in Harrisburg, too. At first I just thought the brainstorming meeting we were having was just that intense. Now that I know it was an actual earthquake (my first) I think I will have a t-shirt made. I might have to buy an "I survived the SooperDooperLooper" shirt, too, and I can store them together. ;)

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I want an "I survived the SooperDooperLooper during an earthquake" shirt.

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Kings Dominion just updated their Facebook page:

Earthquake update: With guest safety in mind, all attractions have been temporarily closed. There have been no guest or employee issues related to the quake. Stay tuned for updates related to rides and attractions re-opening later today.

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wahoo skipper said:
I was in the 5.3 in northeastern Ohio in the 80s and it was a shaker and attention getter but there was not any significant damage nor loss of life.

I remember that very vividly. Good times. Like this one, it's fun to talk about, but probably nothing to worry about in the long term.

KD's reaction is probably appropriate, though if their rides can move around tons of steel, I doubt a little shaking will matter.

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The Dinosaurs are coming!

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'Twas neat. Felt it here in Chalotte.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.


I felt it up here in NYC - they evac'd our building for about 10 minutes.

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The anouncers for the Indians game noted that the press box at Progressive field (downtown Cleveland) shook a bit.

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I was on the 5th floor of the Hilton in Waldorf, MD. I think it is about 60 miles or so from the epicenter. The hotel was shaking like crazy! I was planning on going down to King's Dominion on Thursday so I will let you know if anything is still shut down but I highly doubt anything will be. I may just make a call down there later tomorrow to make sure though.

That was the biggest earthquake I have ever felt...no big aftershocks that I have felt.

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Felt it in Pittsburgh on the 1st floor of our building.

I have always been curious to how a park responds during the earthquake. Do they e-stop all the rides? Is it possible that the larger rides have some sort of seismic sensor to automatically e-stop them?

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I'd take that wonder even further, and ask, what does it feel like to ride a coaster in an earthquake. Would the forces that an earthquake create have potential to cause a coaster to rollback?

Felt it in Jersey..I was eating lunch at Wendy's when my booth shook for about 45 seconds. I looked around for a squirming kid in an attached booth that might be causing the shaking..to no avail. I came back to my office to discover we were being sent home and the building closed.

Funny how the focus is on KD, when SFA was probably affected as well.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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