5/29-5/30 at CP

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AWESOME! For my first time, Cedar Point was the best trip I have ever been on. It was me, two friends, and my friend's dad. We stayed Friday night and Saturday night, then left on Sunday night at eleven o'clock. We got into the park at nine on both days and managed to catch TTD as first rides on both days.

Top Thrill Dragster

This is a great coaster. We managed to get it three times in two days, and it would've been four except it started raining Sunday night. Possibly even five, but they didn't open it again. This is my second favorite coaster that I've been on. Three times in two days.

Millennium Force

This is my favorite coaster that I have ever been on. In two days we managed to get on it fourteen times. And on Saturday we only got on three times! At about six o'clock Sunday we had gotten on another three times, but then around seven it started thunderstorming and they shut it down. Lots of people left, and around nine-ish they opened it again. We managed to grab eight straight rides and I was hopelessly in love. Fourteen times in two days.

Wicked Twister

Whoever thought of this roller coaster is a genius. 100% genius. My friend and I liked the back more then the front as it was more surprising and it seems like you feel weightless more. Four times in two days.


Raptor is the greatest inverted roller coaster I have ever been on. It's one of my top five favorite roller coasters and unless something radical happens, it always will be. Two times in two days.


Magnum is an OK ride, but it was a little bumpy. My friend really likes it. The air seat is cool, if it even exists. My friend says it does and I don't argue with him because he scours the internet looking for roller coaster stuff. Second car third seat? I'm not sure, but thats where I sat. Two times in two days.


Mantis is a great ride. I like the fact that it's inverted and you're standing. My friend told me to pull my feet up and that was a bad choice. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Once in two days.

Gemini-Not bad, but it was just lacking something that makes a great ride a great ride. I can't put my finger on it. Did it once.

Mean Streak-I hated this, it was so bumpy that my neck was sore for a few hours. Did it once.

Corkscrew-It's not a bad coaster, it's just that I did it in light rain so it was pelting my face. That hurt. Once in two days.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride-SCARY! That's dripping with sarcasm. We did it once.

Iron Dragon-The long Jeep ride home was more fun. Once in two days.

Power Tower-Did both sets of towers, but the Space Shot was more fun.

Disaster Transport-Stupid. Too short.

We also did some wierd spinny music thing and bumper cars to waste time during the rain.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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The fabled "ejector seat" on Magnum is car 1, row 3. Most people find row 2 to be a better ride, because it's not over the axle and tends to give a smoother ride.

Good TR.

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

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Mantis isn't inverted
My mistake on the Mantis post, it's a stand-up coaster but it has inversions.
Stand Up Inverted, lol

good cp

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