5/25 KI Trip Report

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Monday, May 25, 2009 9:39 PM
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What's really weird is that I take forever to "start my season" due to class, work, and moving. Well, I took this weekend, upon hearing of my dad being laid off, I needed a break. I was planning on taking the trip at 8:30am, but my room mates decided that they wanted to get really, really rowdy till 3am last night. So I didn't get out till 10am. Quick stop at McDontalds for my #2 breakfast, and it was game time. Rocking out to Green Day on the way down, I paid my $10 and was in the park with my printed out ticket from home.

Diamondback- Got 4 rides in. Great ride, don't know what to think right now, tons of fun, and this is what this park needed for a long time. No inversions, smooth, and a people eater. Awesome. My new favorite ride in the park.

EDIT: Ok forgot to add this. It's cool that Kings Island is offering the ability to email me my on-ride photo to use on facebook, but why the hell should I have to pay $10 for a real photo then the $2 to get it? Why can't I just pay $4 for the photo to get emailed? There's no cost for email AT ALL. NADA. Oy....

Vortex- Well, it's an old arrow with inversions. Yay?

Backlot Stunt Coaster- Dunno why, but this little guy has a small place in my heart. KI removed the splash down effect in the sewer for some odd reason, which makes it less, no pun intended, splashy at the end. Oh well.

Firehawk- Ride it in the back. This POS broke down twice in line and was the longest wait for me that day. Vekoma should be embarrassed.

The Beast- Somehow this ride confuses me, the first part is scenic ride, the second part is the screamer. Maybe it's a classic because it's the link between the old school out and backs which focused on scenery and the newer power coasters.

My main goal of this trip was Diamondback and getting some rides in, so I accomplished it. The rest was just garnish.

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