5/25 extra small crowds@CP

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The crew: Chris, Chris, DA, Akron Idol's own Ron Taylor, and I

We got there around 9:30 and Chris and I got the passes prosessed. Headed to MF to find no wait and 3 trains (the red had dummies cause there wasn't enough people to fill 3 trains). We rode it 3 times (once in the rain) and headed to Mean Streak when the line finally started.

Our first ride on Magnum didn't have trims on. OUCH.

Rode some coasters then hit up TTD after it opened. Sign said an hour but we were in and out in less than 25min from the backseat. Sweet.

Stumbled around all day and rode everything because there was absolutely no lines. We said goodbye to some of our friends at the front gate at 6pm and headed back to check on MF for one last ride.

We were dumbfounded. Walk on. 7 of them in less than an hour. The ops to every coaster said this was the most empty that they had seen the park. Excellent. We left at 7pm and arrived home at 8:15 (fastest ever). What a day. We were up near the station on TTD also and it broke down so we left.

MF: 10

TTD: 1

Raptor: 5

WT: 2

DT: 2

ID: 1

WC: 1

Gemini: 2

Magnum: 3

Cheese on a Stick: 3

Mantis: 2

MS: 1

BS: 1

Sorry for those who were not in attendance. It was a day to remember. MF best ride there ever will be. ever. and ever.

2004 Count! ---------- TTD: 96 MF: 10 TTD Rollbacks: 61 MF Rollbacks: 7
I was there over the past weekend (5/22 & 5/23). 1st trip to CP, definitely not the last! for the weekend, it still wasn't too badly crowded. staying at CP resorts really helps cause you get in the park early. TTD was just short of a walk on the 1st time. when we went to do it a 2nd time right after, still only waited about 1/2 hr. lines moved great, park is beautiful, everyone friendly! i'm scared to go back to SFNE now, its gonna seem like a lil county fair... :)
Then don't go back...pansy.
Wow, you got lucky, I was there on Monday 5/23 and the crowds were definitely not that small, they must have known the weather wasn't going to be as good on Tuesday.

We waited 30 min. for MF.....20 for Magnum, 2½ hours for TTD........well, once it opened at 5 p.m.

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You've had 24 rollbacks on TTD and 4 rollbacks in 2004? Yes, we believe you.
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I was there too. Unbelieveable!! I was in my glory. Most coasters were walk ons after 4pm. Could not believe it. Like all the school kids went to school this day!! Also went to SFOG on Friday (5/21), PCW on Saturday (5/22), PKD and SFA on Sunday (5/23), and SFGAdv on Monday (5/24). Most of these parks were not overly crowded, but CP was the least.


Dragster- 8

Raptor- 4

Wicked Twister- 4

Disaster Transport-1

Blue Streak-1


Gemini-1 (not the same not racing)

Mine Ride-1


Iron Dragon-1 (what is with the mustard and catsup look?)

Mean Streak-2


52 total different coasters on trip. I am gonna go soak my feet!!!!


Recount is in order.

Edit: I wasn't talking to the guy who squeezed in right above me. . . *** Edited 5/27/2004 4:10:24 AM UTC by Word***

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No, not 52 at the Point, but 52 different coasters on the entire East Coast trip. Sorry.


You know, reading the title of this trip report and knowing the recent controversy would make one believe that CP was overrun with dwarves and short skinny people on 5/25.

A little bad weather outlook in May is enough to drive crowds down to manageable levels. Of course, if school groups are scheduled to be there, nothing is going to help you.

longhairedspaz said:
Then don't go back...pansy.

hmmmm, uh whatever? or is bite me more appropriate?

ya know, after reading all the controversy about people not being allowed to ride due to size, i just want to say that i did not see even 1 person turned away from MF, TTD or any ride Saturday or Sunday.....

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I saw them take aside a couple large people and tried them in the test seats on Tuesday. I did not see anyone get kicked off. They do staple you in, which makes for a longer wait on MF. They always stapled you in on Dragster. Not sure why they need an inch of slack on the seatbelt. Seems the T bar holds you in just fine as long as it is on your "meaty part" of your thigh. I still can't figure out how Stanley fell out @ SFNE, unless the T-bar was at his knees!!!! I know, another topic already discussed. Sorry.


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