5/22, USF & IOA (ROTM & Dudley)

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Saturday, May 22, 2004 9:02 PM
I didn't really have any intentions of riding Revenge of the Mummy today, just set out for a fun morning at IOA with some co-workers.

I met up with my friend Debbie around 9 in front of IOA, but our friend Agnes wasn't there yet, she was about 15 mins. away. So we went inside to get a quick ride on something. We went on the *advertised* 5 min. wait of Dr. Doom, which turned into 20. Then Agnes wasn't where she was supposed to be, and after that and fingerprint locker difficulties, we didn't meet up with her until 10. Being the theme park conquerer I pride myself to be, I was pissed, because the park was getting full as hell, as it was a Saturday.

We headed straight back to the rennovated Dudley Do-Right, 3 min. wait. I took the front-most seat, to shield the females from the water. Basically, there was nothing noticeably different about the ride (for better or for worse). Drop is exactly the same, and no theming elements appeared to be new or enhanced (but I could be wrong).

After that we headed for Jurassic Park on the way to DD. 5 min. wait for JP. Upon arrival at DD it wasn't open. It was about 11 by now. Damn, that sucks. Now what? Hulk is broaching 90 mins. So we ate at the Burger Digs (the Chicken tenders did NOT impress, and the fries were over-salted, but good.) We checked out DD again, still closed, so we went for a spin on Flying Unicorn.

DD still closed. Alright, I guess we'll brave the noon-time, Saturday, near-summer, Hulk line for lack of many other options. 85 mins. posted was about 45 +20 for front row. DD appears to be open. 35 min. wait posted. Incredibly inconsistent operation made it over 60 + front row [fire]. Damn, I'm getting a bad neck/headache. Ride made it worse.

It's about 3:30 now... what else? Let's check out the Mummy. Walked over to USF...Mummy (it was closed earlier in the day, as we had heard) was open. 70 mins. posted. Was probably accurate, went by fast. The queue is nice, well air-conditioned with cool behind-the-scenes production stuff from the movies. About mid-way through the wait, we entered a room with *identical* wall-paper/paintings to the queue of Montu. Weird.

Ready to board...what the hell? I was expecting super-long typical LIM trains, but it was a 4x4 Spider-Man style car. Off-putting from the get-go, myself thinking "this can't be a *real* coaster". I saw it somewhere stated it was a 4 min. ride... it is definitely not. Its about 1 min. of build-up with cool effects, and maybe 50 seconds of high speed coaster action. I won't spoil it too much with the sequencing and whatnot. I felt it was very very high-quality, just too short. Very creatively paced though, and a welcome addition to one of my home-parks.

This is the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy

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