5/15/04: Valleyfair! Opening Day TR

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Hey, I just got back from Valleyfair!, awsome day!

I got there about nine fifteenish and waited till ten when it opened. I was the first person in the park which was pretty cool. There were about 15 "Can I take your picture please?" nazis in the front gate area which was really annoying. I got past them and sprinted my ass off to Steel Venom, which thank god was running. I was in the line first and got on the first train in the first seat. I'm not sure who exactly, but a person that said they read my post on this website sat next to me, so I'm wondering who that was.

Anyways, I wet on SV 3 times in a row and then went to PowerTower. The park was really dead until about 12. I went on the red side of PowerTower, very cool. Then onto Wild Thing, one time in the front and one time in the middle. Why do people feel the need to spit on rides? I don't get it. After that I went to the back of the park to Exalibur. There was NO ONE back there. I was the only one in my train which was cool. Exalibur's new paint job (dark grey) looks really good, I like it. That ride is wild, I don't know why people don't like it.

Started my way back to the front of the park and got some fries. Then I went to go check out the new Kid Works section of the park (previously Bearnstein Bears Land). That looks pretty cool, and the rockin tug also looks neat too. I went back to the front of the park and started marathoning Steel Venom. I personally think the back is the best because of the big vertical drop. The park was getting kind of buisy now so I headed back over to PowerTower. On the way I picked up some fudge fro Midway Fudge and Candy. Its actually surprisingly good. Went on the red, then the blue PowerTower, took another go in the front of Wild Thing, and the headed back over to Steel Venom. I had time for one more ride and I did that in about a 20 minute wait in the back row. Once again awsome. One of the ride ops. started talking to me because I had been on it so many times. Alot of there staff is really nice, I guess thats Cedar Fair for you. I left at about three thirty. Overall a really great day! Hopefully I will be back there next sunday!

You know that guy you met? He was like big and tall, he was wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts, he was me. I was him, my friends stalked you all day while i marathoned steel venom. They liked power tower too much. I dont, i hate when it catches at the top.
Yah I was wondering why the people you were with followed me onto Power Tower and Wild Thing. How did your day go?
Did you notice the paint job on the Wild Thing? There is a major rust area on the back spike of the SV. I wish VF could open on 8th and 9th of june. The weather was alot better last weekend than this weekend. I wish CF follow SF season pass renewal policy I waited in line 45 minutes today to renewal my season pass.

We got to the gates at 8:30 and so we waited 30 minutes to get in to buy our parking ticket, big rush, 4 cars screamed doen to those booths at like 60 mph and were forced into one booth, that sucked, but espected. We parked near the front, and went and bought our tickets. We saw you standing at the first non season pass gate and we sat by the one next to it. A little while later, i saw you sneaking into the season pass line only cutting about 75 people. The you were one of the first that got through, nearly shoved a camera person, and was at a dead sprint toward steel venom. It seemed like they took forever to open are gate but when they did i was sprinting myself. Damn your fast, by the time we were next to the ride, you were already on it. My friends sat near the back but I sat in the front and had to see if this guy is the person from that forum. So it was and had a great first ride in the year 2004. I stayed on the ride 3 more times until my friends got sick of it and wanted to go on power tower, i followed them toward it and saw you walking along the bridge. I headed towards wild thing and rode it 3 times until they got there. I rode the front twice and back once, people say the back is almighty for rollercoasters, but i dont think airtime is all the greatest. I just like the view from the front of the first drop. My eyes watered so bad. But it was still great. I got trapped in the fricken photo place for like 3 minutes cuz everyone was looking for their photo. fricken tourists. I sat down and waited for them to find me and they did. We went and got ice cream which was very disapointing when I learned dippin dots only serves chocolate chip and cookie dough there. Thats B.S. we decided to head toward the viking ship and realized we arent gonna go on it in account to last year we all threw up after we rode it. So we walked to the excalibur through that nifty tunnel inwhich we all carved names into. Excalibur seemed funner than wild thing at first, but then it got jerky in a matter of seconds. We then went to the 12:00 show at the pepsi Imax, it was pretty cool but they have had better. We headed back towards the corkscrew and tried to get into the foam ball factory but we werent short enough and didnt have a child with. We looked at corkscrew and realized its way to short, so we went and marathoned steel venom in the same fashion you did. I used to like the front, but the back is scarier on the holding break since its right about you, and your higher up. We were bored once again so we left the park at about 2. We went to the mall to ride timberland twister but the priced of riding once were only 1/2 of getting into valleyfair. So we walked around and rode the escalators and realized this might be funner than that coaster. Overrall my day went well.
twj: Valleyfair! is open on june 8th and 9th, but im assuming you ment may. What paint job on wild thing? Its the same as last year. I think its better when its cloudy and kind of cold, that way you dont get sun burns and got all hot. Then they make you buy 3 dollar drinks, which I'm not doing. Any of you going back next weekend?
Im thinking about it. I was gonna break my steel venom record yesterday which is 13, but i only got upwards of 9. So i might go. I regret not going on power tower. I use to go on it all the time, but I guess something changed. But if Im going next weekend, i'll tell you. Where do u live anyways? I live by Eau Claire wisconsin
I live about ten minutes away from the park. I have a season pass so I'll probly go pretty often this summer. I broke my Steel Venom record, which was 8, yesterday by goin on it 10 times. Next week i think I'm just gonna go there and ride SV for like 3 hours. Hopefully my friends will come with me too.
how did u get there yesterday?
I was dropped off.
You have a season pass right? I see its only like 70.00 and i thought about getting one but I realized that im making a couple trips to six flags this summer and cedar point but those arent for sure. So i dont know if i should buy the season pass or save for cedar point.
LOL...a VF season pass gets you into CP
Was the holding brake on SV working? I heard a rumor that it would be shut off because of stress on the track and supports.
If I'm not mistaken, the "red" side of VF's Power Tower is the Turbo Drop right? 'Cause on most other red/blue cylinder S&S rides, it's the opposite.
The 2 red sides are turbo drops, the 1 blue side is space shot.
Yep, the holding break was on all day, or at least until I left. It did make the entire SV structure rumble quiet a bit though, I don't remember that from last year so it must be the new supports that make that happen.
What about the hold broke?
Does the valleyfair season pass reall get you into cedar point? Thats awesome. I remember when the holding break held that the whole ride shook, it was worse this year, but I did see/hear it last year.
A Valleyfair! season pass gets you into any other Cedar Fair park which includes- Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Valleyfair!, Worlds of Fun, Knott's Berry Farm, and Michigan's Adventure. It's a pretty good deal if you ask me. I'm also planning a trip out to to Cedar Point again this year. That was part of the reason I bought a Valleyfair! season pass. I'm assuming when you said Six Flags, you meant Six Flags Great America. Have you been to SFGAm or Cedar Point before? If you have'nt your in for an awsome vacation!
Yes, a VF season pass is good at all CF parks except Geauga Lake, Camp Snoopy in the MoA, and any water park with seperate admission. You can drive about 400 miles south to Worlds of Fun or go on a side trip on your way to CP and hit Michgan's Adventure. When you get to a sister park, just take your season pass to guest relations and they will give you a complimentary pass. I do it all the time.

I went to VF again today and had a great time. The trims on High Roller were open or just barely gripping the train. There was a lot more air than usual on that ride. When I went on Wild Thing, I looked over and High Roller was stopped about a yard from the sign on the top of the lift. Then I went to Power Tower and rode the space shot and it was still stuck. The train was about half full of people. I went on the turbo drop and they were sending like 6-7 workers up the lift. They evacuated the train. It was weird to see small kids walking down a lift hill. I went and asked what was wrong and they said it was mechanical failure. Nothing more. So the park was closing and I was walking out and I heard a woman say a ride was stuck and she would never ride it again. I thought she meant HR, but then she said it was slowly coming down. I turned around and they were looking at Power Tower. The turbo drop was stopped about 3/4 of the way up. It crept down a bit and stopped again. Then it came down slowly. That was weird. Oh well. I was there for about 2 hours and got lots of rides. High Roller and Excalabur are both running awesome and of course Wild Thing and Steel Venom were fun. The only disappointment was not much air on the space shot today. I guess you can't have everything.

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