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Six Flags Great Adventure Trip Report For

Wednesday May 12, 2004

Strange Days Ahead:

First off, let me just welcome everyone to the summer season! It’s finally here! We are able to, finally, get to go on the rides that we just absolutely love! Last year saw some great new additions to the world of coasters (Top Thrill Dragster), and some departures of some beloved ones as well (Jack Rabbit, and Hercules). With the start of this year, and a great new ride already at Hershey (Storm Runner) I am extremely excited. However, and I must put this in my comments, due to some recent happenings, please ride carefully and smart. Don’t loosen the seatbelts, or only ‘1-click’ the safety bar. Let’s make this a safe, fun, and happy coaster season for all!

Secondly, now that I have stepped off my proverbial soap-box, you should all know now how my trip reports are. But, since I have been transplanted from SFGA.COM to over here with the fine people at GADVcentral.com, some of you may not be ready for my lengthy and wordy trip reports.
If you’re looking for just a break-down of what rides I went on, and how long the lines were, and what my coaster count for the season/life is then look somewhere else. I put personality, along with my thoughts and comments, into my reports. As I see it, every day brings a different experience at parks. Yes, the rides are the same but the crowds and the “type” of crowds vary from day to day.

Caveat over. For those who want to skip my comments, might want to just move on. For those who remember me, and want to read my reports, then welcome. Grab a drink, sit down, and maybe turn on some music because here we go.

This wasn’t the first trip I had to Great Adventure this season. I was able to go a few weeks ago when they were first open on the weekdays. I promised a few people that I would have a trip report for that day, but I never got around to it. These do take up a lot of personal time, so I have to be able to work on them when I get around to it. Weeks passed by, I figured I would just not write one up for that day. For those who were waiting for it, I’m sorry.
As for today, 5/12, I didn’t even have plans on going. A few nights before, I took a look at their site to see what days they would be open and if and when I could put it into my schedule for me to attend. I noticed that the 12th is their first week-day that they have been open in a good time (since the last time I went about a month previous). So, what the hell, I said, I’ll go.

I’ve never really enjoyed going to parks by myself, all though I do, I decided to call up my good coaster-going buddy Azarja. I’ve known her since she was 4 years old. She is my “little sister”. And she loves coasters! What could be better?
So, we planned on leaving here at 8:45am. The night before, I had a crazy dream that I got to the park really early and was able to park in the very first and closest spot to the entrance. I was really excited about this. I headed into a gift store that they had first, because the main gates weren’t open. I was looking for a new ACE hat, but they didn’t have what I was looking for. Then I got a phone call on my cell from Azarja asking me where I was, and it hit me… that I forgot to pick her up. Needless to say, she was pissed. I woke up and thought for sure that she was now mad at me because I forgot her, but when I looked at the clock and it was 7:10am, I realized that it was just a dream.

This dream just started the strange day ahead.

I showered, got into my coaster-riding gear (light shorts, t-shirt, and ACE hat), and grabbed my coaster-pack (my backpack with my coaster pins all over it…dorky.. I know), and said goodbye to my girlfriend, Michele, and got in the car to go start my day doing what we all love.

We took awhile to actually get down to SF because we stopped for breakfast along the way, and since I had a new car, I wanted to get a car wash so that it looked nice on the drive. I’m anal like that.
We finally got to the park at around 10:30am.

I just breezed in, due to my parking pass, and noticed that the lot was pretty empty. This makes me happy. I parked in my normal spot (right next to Superman). We stepped out of the car, and BLAM…the humidity hit us immediately. Thank God Zar brought sunscreen because we are going to need it. It was HOT!

First thing I notice here is that they are playing FILM MUSIC! My other passion! This made me incredibly happy to hear music from “The Rocketeer” and then from “Willow” as we are walking to the gates. And the sound was GREAT! Nice, and clear, and bassy! Film music while walking into the park = greatness. It really gets you “excited” and ‘in-the-mood’ for all of what’s about to happen.
We get to the gates and I get her in for free with my “Bring a friend for free pass” and then I get in, clear security…. And off we go.

Taking a quick glance at the rides that weren’t working, I noticed that the Space Shuttle, Chaos (Surprise Surprise), Batman: The Ride, Log Flume, Spongebob Squarepands, and……S**T…. Eruption weren’t working. I wanted her to get on Eruption. Oh well. At least, finally, both sides of Rolling Thunder, and Batman & Robin were working.

Or so I was told.

Now, we noticed that as we were parking that there was a car waiting behind the car in the station for Superman. They were waiting for the train in front of them to board so that they could get off. I don’t know why they stack the cars like this. I had a little something snotty to say to myself about it, and moved on. At least the line wasn’t long. It was only to the second set of stairs. So we decide to head on over to Superman first.

Superman: Ultimate Flight

Of course, the first thing I notice, besides Eruption not working, was that the entrance to Alkatraz, was there. People were actually walking into it. Cool. A new ride!
Well, then of course we started walking through the queue for Superman. DAMN, there is a longer line. It was to the second covering. Oh well. That’s fine. It’s about a 30 min. wait from this point. At least it wasn’t into the “back and forth” section of the queue. I notice that there is a train there waiting behind the station, just like how it was when we walked into the park. We waited a few minutes, and I notice a few things at once. First off, was that the train that was in the station was doing NOTHING. Then I saw someone talking to the people on the train in the holding area. Then I saw people walking down the steps.


Superman is experiencing technical difficulties.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, we decide to wait it out for awhile.

But then someone came by with a step-stool. That’s not a good sign. Then they lower the people on the train in the holding area, so they can get off. And I notice they’re getting handed something…probably a pass or a ‘get to the front of the line’ pass. This isn’t a good sign.

We wait a little longer, and then decide to head on out.

This was the first broken down ride of the day that we experienced.

So we head over to:


Not even sure if that is the right name for it. But, while we’re here, why not try it. We walk all the way through the queue and see no one. We get inside the gift shop, and we see one person behind the counter. I asked what this was, since there is NO INDICATION as to what this ride is. I found out that it’s a flight simulator. The same company that creates the simulators for the military!?!??!?!?!?!!? Created this ride. It uses the same technology. Didn’t quite sound right for me. Plus, it’s $20 for two!
Sorry, but no thanks. If I’m gonna pay for a ride, it’ll be for the Sky Coaster or Eruption. Not just any simulator that I can ride on at a Dave and Busters.
So we walk off and head to:

Great American Scream Machine

I have a new respect for this ride. For some reason, it just isn’t as painful as it used to be. And there is no line. So we walk all the way there. Get up to the gates, and…..

We’re sorry for the inconvience……….

It breaks down.

We just laughed, and walked away.

We notice that Spongebob was working, so we wait on line.

Spongebob Squarepants: 3D.

We hear some commotion, and the attendant saying something. We hear people getting annoyed. We don’t even wait. We get off the line. We didn’t really care to go on this instead. I don’t think it broke down. I think people were blocking the doors from closing. Anyway, we leave.

Ok, so since every ride over on this side of the park is broken, and if you wanted to ride anything you’ll be paying for it (Alkatraz). So, maybe it’s this side. We head over to Movie Town.


No wait. We walk right up to the back row. Now, we are finally, an hour later, riding a ride! And oh boy, what a ride it is! I seriously should loose some weight though because the harness only comes down about 4 clicks which gets me more and more nervous (especially now with what happened on Superman: ROS….). FUN ride. Great time had by all. We decide to go again.

Nitro X 2

We jump off, and run around and NOW there is a wait but only on the second set of stairs. We decide to wait for the front. There is about a 20 min. wait or so. We don’t care, we do it. Got some nasty people behind us taking up both sides of the steps, and some people were talking a little nasty telling everyone that if they aren’t waiting for the front, then to move over. One reason why I hate the crowds here. You don’t get that at Cedar Point, or Disney.
Now, I always thought that the back was the best seat, but you actually get some nice air in the front cause instead of being pulled over the hills, you’re getting pushed!
Great time again.

We talk about getting on Congo Rapids cause it was so bleeding hot, but we decide to hit

Skull Mountain

Which Zar had never been on before. Walk on. Back seat. Nice little drop in the beginning, but that is it. Great themeing however.

Now we decide to head on over to Batman: The Ride cause we noticed it running while we were on line for Nitro.

Batman: The Ride

We just got into the gates, when we hear a noise and notice that the car has stopped on the lift hill.


3rd ride to break down.



No wait. Fun ride. I always scream like a scared little girl on this. But I love this ride. I’m so glad it’s still there.


Batman + Robin: Chiller

Very happy to hear that the Batman side is finally working. So we head on over to the queue, and realize…. Low and behold…. It wasn’t. I’m not surprised anymore. Nothing surprises me anymore with the day that is unfolding.
LONG line. They really need to do something to fix this. Everyone crowds for the front, and they all jam in to the first few rows which holds everyone else back.
We’re on line about 30 mins. And we decide to sit in the middle. We actually get ON THE RIDE, and buckled in.
Then an attendant comes over and asks us to get off the ride, they need to do something. So we get off, and go back into the gate area. Everyone is being asked to get off.
There is some guy who can not get out of his seat. The buckle was put on backwards, and now he can’t get it off.


People started leaving. We decided to stay. They finally got him off! And we got to ride.
This is a fun ride.

I do love hearing people say that this is the fastest ride in the world. That it launches you 100 mph, and if you put your hands up they’ll snap off. Funny.
Stupid people everywhere.

Going backwards, however, really makes you feel (at least me) that you’re getting flung out of the car.
Fun ride thought.

So we try out luck on Batman : The Ride again….

Still broken down.

So we head over to:

Congo River Rapids

Just to cool off.
20 min. wait.

Fun ride.

But why why why why why WHY WHY WHY WHY do they not let you leave you backpacks on the platform where you would be getting off? Every ride in the park allows you to do so? Why not here?!? They WANT your cameras, cell phones, walkie-talkies, to break. Got a little annoyed here.

Well, I hold onto my backpack. I don’t get wet. Azarja blocked the water. She got soaked. I got damp.

Well, we noticed that the Skyway was working before so we decide to head over there so we don’t need to walk all the way over to the other side to get on Medusa.



Broken down.

5th ride now to break down.

So we walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk.

And finally make it to:


No wait.
Back row.
Fun ride.

Something flew into my eye the second we left the station, so the entire ride I was rubbing my eye. Wonderful.

We get off, and as we were leaving the attendant started yelling at a group of girls that were walking up the set of stairs near the front row. They started arguing. Again….thats the crowd that this park attracts.

We walk all the way down and decide to go again.

I almost die walking up the stairs again, but I do it in the name of coasters………..

Medusa X 2

We wait for the front. Not a long wait. I actually take my sneakers off, so that I could feel the breeze run through my aching feet. That felt WONDERFUL!

So we decide now to head over to Viper, cause it was working!!!


We get all the way to the steps, and the attendant is … waving at us … so we wave back. She waves again…. So we wave back again. Friendly attendant. Now, let me stress that this wasn’t a forward and back wave saying to “step back” or “go away”. This was a side-to-side wave saying “Hello”. So we keep walking. But, we aren’t sure what’s happening. Another attendant walks down the steps, and tells us that they were ‘WAITING FOR A PART’. I’ll say that again…. So that it sinks in………
Here is a ride that was working 10 mins. Ago, but isn’t now because they were………..




6th ride to break down as we are walking up to it.

So, we decide to just head over to Rolling Thunder to finally get to race again, like I was able to in the 80’s.

Rolling Thunder

Nope. What crazy thought was I just thinking.

No wait. 3rd car, 1st row. Ejector seat.

Seats are a little tight, and the seat belt thingy is annoying. But I do feel a little safer on it.

But, DAMN, this ride is ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH it seems to be getting rougher every time I ride.

But, it’s a must!

We then decide to try our luck, again, on the Superman side.

But first………….


$15 dollars later, and we stop to look at the turtles in the water.

And get a nice spin on:


Us, and about 4 other people! Hah…. No wait.

And we now notice that it’s working! So we head to

Great American Scream Machine

For the second time today. No wait. 3rd row. Ejector seat.

Fun. About 3 other people on the ride with us.

We decide that we’ll go on one more ride, now that it’s about 5pm. So we head to:

Superman: Ultimate Flight

There is a long line again. About where we were originally on line this morning. Ride is running smoothly. We get to the second set of steps. And it breaks down.
No joke. Again.

Well, we wait. 15 mins. Later we’re on the ride.

Back row. Short wait. We start talking to this guy who is in front of us. On one train there is only 3 seats avail. Because they have one blocked off. There were 2 girls in front of us, he was alone behind us so we let him come in front so he can get on. He thanked us. We joked about how many rides broke down today, and he said “watch I get to go on, and you’ll break down”. Haha.. we laugh. That’ll be our luck.
He gets on, and we get on the next train. I’m waiting for something to happen. But it dosen’t. We actually get on the ride, and we RIDE it! YAY!

BUT, at the first block…… we come to a GRINDING SUDDEN STOP. It actually hurt a little bit.


Here we are. Stuck. NOW ON THE RIDE.

No joke.

I look over at the photo station, and I see the guy we let in front of us, who joked that he would get to ride, and we would get stuck. I’m actually looking at him. He dosen’t see us, but damn if that isn’t fate.

15 mins. Later. We are rolling to the station. At the holding station. We suddenly stop again. We hear “We are having technical difficulties”. 10 mins. Waiting here.


This is how we started our day. Looking up at people stuck in the holding station………….now WE are stuck in the holding station.

We finally get off, and we totally decide to call it a day.

7 hours. 7 rides to break down.

But our day is not over.

Driving home, we hit a major “Roland Emmerlich’ish – end of the world” storm! We turn on the news, and there is major flooding everywhere. Wonderfull. At least we have our inevitable KFC food with us, and our Rocky Horror Picture Show cd playing. Whatever. We’re on our way home.

Overall, it was a good day. Not really crowded, but very hot. We did get to go on everything we wanted to, minus a few that broke down on us. And we didn’t wait any longer than 30mins. For anything.

Not a bad day.

Damn, my fingers hurt now.

10 pages. I think this is my longest TR yet!

Ok, I’m outta here.

Next park:


Stay tuned.

Nice trip report! Very detailed! I have to agree SFGADV does bring in some really nasty crowds there. One of the reason I hate going. Never feel safe there. Can't enjoy myself!


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