5/10 CP Double the Rollbacks, Double the Beagles

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5/10 CP Double the Rollbacks, Double the Beagles

Ill make this short, because Im sure there will be plenty of other TRs but just have to add in my thoughts, first what I did:

9 am-9 pm
Millennium Force
Top Thrill Dragster
Free Cake and Ice Cream plus I saw the two beagles and my sister got a picture with them
Bumper Cars
Mean Streak
Tilt a Whirl
Witches Wheel
Lupper at TGI Fridays
Power Tower
Millennium Force

Thoughts on the day:

-Got my first Dragster rollback today, in fact I got my first and my second. It took three launches for my train to clear the tower, first time wasn’t close, second time for a few seconds we all thought we would be stuck at the top, third time we were absolutely launched at full speed because we cleared that thing with speed to spare.

-The cake was fantastic, and so was the Tofts Ice Cream. I cant believe how well Uno took the crowd around him too, they even had a photo shoot with him in the space rocket ride with a family. New kiddie area is very nice, it looked like a lot of kids were having a blast there today.

-Not a good day park operations wise at all to list off:
*Raptor was down multiple times throughout the day, thankfully me and my sister were near by when it opened once, got on it midday with a 30 min wait
*Magnum had multiple rows of on every train walled off with that orange tape, that’s unacceptable to me on opening day, How can approximately 1/3rd of each train have its lap bars malfunctioning on day 1?
*Gemini, despite over an hour wait, did not open the red side until well after 12
*Skyhawk was down more then it was up, we tried to ride it three different times, no dice
*Maverick was also down a lot today, looks like its problems are not a one year thing, which is sad.
*Chaos was also down a lot (no big surprise there)
*MaXair was down, and it looks like it will be for awhile

-Got my first Maverick rollback today too, we didn’t clear the second launch the first time, not as thrilling as TTDs by any means, I hope I don’t have one of those again

-The park was a lot more crowded this year then last years opening day, Blue Streak, that’s right Blue Streak, sported an hour wait the entire day.

-Didn’t really check out the food prices, with the exception of the cake and ice cream, never had anything in the park, although we did eat at TGI Fridays, cheeseburger and a coke cost <$15 even with tip.

-Mean Streak was defiantly smoother then expected, and its nice to sit in that train like a normal person again thanks to the new seat belts, bravo Cedar Fair on bringing these to Cedar Point!

-Troika and Matterhon’s belts are not bad, they are one belt per vehicle (unlike Shake Rattle and Roll at KI) so they don’t bother me. Im glad I can still ride the Troika sitting in the middle of the car.

-Ride ops were very good today, and seemed happy to be working. One interesting thing was that all of them were saying “check” out loud when checking the restraints, must have been a push at orientation today.

-Great weather, warmer then expected, and no clouds in the sky. Had a great time, but I hope CP gets their act together and fix all the ride problems ASAP.

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^ good tr! When I took a stroll on Maverick last year. I noticed that sometimes the train would stop, right before the second launch if the other train wasn't ready to rock and roll. For me, I found it more thrilling if it just kept on going though. Anyways, Sounds like they need some improvements, but it is the beginning of the year!
^I got a legitimate rollback, we lauched at about half speed through the tunnel, I knew as soon as we started climbing we were not going to have enough to crest, and sure enough at the first brake, we roll backwards. Then an attendant came down, made sure everyone was ok, and then relaunched us.

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When I was at KI yesterday, the ride ops at the coasters were saying "check" out loud, too. Maybe it's a new policy for Cedar Fair.
I was in line watching when you had the double rollback on TTD. We all thought your train was going to balance on top.

My first rollback on TTD was a double also. Happened a couple years ago and I was in the front seat. It was after dark to.

Never did get on Maverick as it was down whenever I was there. Heard Meanstreak was running better than average but both times I checked the line it was a 90 min. wait, the same as TTD. So I decided if I am going to wait 90 min. it would be for TTD.

So my rides for the day went;














My name is Mike, and I'm a coasterholic.

The Magnum seats were probably taped off to keep folks in certain seats, and distribute the weight.
^ Uh no, there was a considerable line all day, it was not as if trains were going to go out half empty. They were broken restraints plain and simple.

-Brent Kneebush

^^They were totally random, and in addition the middle third of the train was just closed off completely.

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Ride ops at Dorney yell "check" as they check each seat now, too.
Sounds like a combination of both then, when the middle is roped off. But broken on opening day? How did the train pass state inspection?
I was very suprised by Mean Streak this year. It was very comfortable, and I actuallly enjoyed my ride. Even got some airtime on the run to the midcourse brakes.

Again, with restraints not working properly, the two times I rode it, I got stuck in the 3rd car. The car's restraints were not releasing upon entering the station. I even heard the ride op's state, "Again?!" and one told the other who must have been new, to, "Keep this in your pocket and ready to use, you're going to need it a lot today." (referring to the little hook that can release the individual restraints on the train. Not a good thing in my eyes.

As far as food prices, I'm a General Manager for a Subway Restaurant, so wanted to check out the new Subway. I was at Hershey on opening day, and ate at their subway. Was expecting mostly things to be the same. $4.99/ 6" sandwich is acceptable to me. At Cedar Poin they ranged from $6.99-$10.29 per 6-inch, and $6.00 to make it a meal. (Add a drink and chips.) $2.95 for a bag of chips itself) It literally made me sick to my stomach. Especailly because they had a line with 30 people in it constantly. Another reason I am not contributing to any rise in cedar fairs per capita spending this year. At all.

EDIT: Just calculated what their food cost for a 6-inch sandwich would be. Ready?..... 8%... meaning 8% of that sandwich's cost to the public is ACTUALLY how much the sandwich cost to make. a 92% profit. Rediculous.

And what's even more sad is all of the Subway's in the nation Are currently running the $5 footlong promotion. Sick Sick Sick.

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