500 callers oppose beer sales at Six Flags Over Texas

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Since Dec. 17, when Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor posted signs indicating that they are seeking liquor permits, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has received hundreds of phone calls in opposition, said Sgt. Charlie Cloud of the agency's enforcement division. Only one call was in support, he said. Now some Arlington officials are considering formally protesting the application, saying alcohol sales in the parks could become a public safety hazard.

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"This seems inconsistent with a family-style theme park," said Wright...
And therein lies the problem. It's not up to someone else to define what the business is supposed to be, let alone define what these ambiguous moral issues are.

Given the pricing and variety of everything else to do in an amusement park, I would argue that it's one of the only places where alcohol is consumed in a fairly responsible manner consistently.

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By their standards I guess that means Sea World is an adults only park?
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Is it possible all these calls are being organized by someone? It seems really weird to me but I must admit I haven't been following this very closely.
Disney parks are full of drunks as well, and they have been able to serve liquor at their parks for many years! The outrage!

SF should just tell these loons to go to SeaWorld if they want to see a real world example instead of whatever paranoid imaginary scenario they have created in their mind.

There are several people on this website who would argue differently that coasters and beer don't go together, and they've spoken openly about how much fun it is to ride a coaster with a "buzz," if you will.

If other Six Flags parks like Six Flags America (for example) can sell beer on a regular basis, then I don't see what the problem is. I bet they don't oppose beer sales at the baseball stadium right next door (or do they?).

I guess these people obviously don't realize that amusement parks started as beer gardens back in the dizzay.
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The only time I ever saw drinking as a problem at Great America was during the Fourth of July holiday. But I'd wager that most of the consumption occurred in the parking lot. Not a good day to bring the family. But jeeze, who doesn't like a nice cold beer with that burger?
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It sounds like one church/small group of people are very vocal about something the rest of the population doesn't see a problem with. Wait till this news gets out more and "normal" people start expressing opinions.
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Who? The silent majority? ;)

It sounds like one church/small group of people are very vocal about something the rest of the population doesn't see a problem with.

I don't see mention in the article that it is a church group.

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LOL, wait until Germans get hold of the concept of a "dry" Oktoberfest! :)
^^Not that one, but there are plenty of others that do. Here's an example...
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I don't think selling alcohol creates any less a 'family atmosphere' than people being allowed to smoke throughout the park...

...nevermind. ;)

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Oh just quit (it). ;)
Im with ya Gonch however unless it's controled like selling at food stands there will be problems.

Late 80s KI had beer being sold everywhere in the park, Even ran carts up next to lines. Me and my brother visited and it was a drunk fest by nightfall and litterally we almost got into about 5 fights that day.

I swear some people have a such a puckered anus that their against everything. But I bet those same people are the ones i seen driving today in 6 inches of snow about five feet from the person in front of thems bumper with a cell phone to their ear.


I do not drink alcoholic beverages, but I do go to restaurants and parks where it is served. However, I don't want to be in a setting where people drinking are bordering on or completely drunk. Having said that, I'm old enough to remember that in its early days Six Flags Over Texas frequently mentioned that as a part of its family atmosphere that alcohol was not served or allowed in the park. That seemed to be a positive selling point at the time. Any business that chooses to sell alcoholic beverages takes on the burden of preventing and/or dealing with those who might abuse it.
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Is anyone listening? It's not a problem in any park I've been to, including the Busch parks where it's (relatively) affordable. Universal Studios Florida during their Mardi Gras weekends has more alcohol carts than I've seen at concerts and sporting events, and even that was relatively inconsequential.

And once again, in case it hasn't sunk in, people who consume alcohol are not all looking to get rocked.

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Alcohol lowers inhibibions...which could lead to sex...which could lead to more families. So, if you think about it, allowing SFOT to sell alchohol makes it more of a family park!
^ Don't they still have free beer at the hospitality centers in the Busch parks? I haven't been to Sesame Place but often wondered if that would be appropriate to have one of those beer gardens smack in the middle of the park near Elmoland.

I can't believe they don't already sell beer in the original six flags - don't they still have concerts there? Maybe they could make an exception at the 'faith' concerts and refrain sales during those events to prevent any temptation of the weaker members of the flock?

Last time this company couldn't get their way with the local government in Texas, they closed the park and sold the land. I haven't been out there in Alrington area for a while, but it seemed the real estate was getting more valuable around the area very quickly. If the nearby baseball stadium is allowed to sell booze, then tell the 500+ callers opposing it that it is a similar family entertainment venue and therefore deserving of the right to sell it. Hopefully those people won't come to the park anyway since they sound like party poopers! Remember these places use to be called amusement parks? Keep them amusing please and let the church ladies find other places to congregate instead of in front of me in line for the Giant! I wouldn't want them ratting me out for sneeking a beer into the line anyway to catch a buzz during the intolerable queue waits : )

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