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Wednesday, August 13, 2003 2:57 PM
I start off every coaster trip anymore with not being able to sleep at all before we go. So Mr Timbers,Mr. Zeus,Mr. Freeze and myself(Mr. Legend) all leave from Cleveland for Lake Compounce at 1 am on Friday Aug 8. It rained off and on the whole way there which is not unusual this year. We arrived at Lake Compounce at a little after 11am which is opening time. We met Mr. Superman in the parking. He lives in Boston. We went over to Boulder Dash first. One train running. Probably about 15-20 minute wait. I rode front seat with Mr. Freeze. Of course it is raining. We start rising up the side of the mountain. We went down the first drop and the needle feeling began but that was completely forgotten when we hit the first airtime hill. Wow!!! There must have been a dozen moments of airtime. Airtime,Airtime,Airtime. After riding in the back and the front cars totaling 6 rides, Boulder Splash immediately became my favorite wood coaster. Then onto Wildcat. Rode the front seat again. Had some good moments of airtime but Mr. Timbers and Mr. Freeze both complained of roughness farther back in the train. Rode only once. Zoomerang was closed. Rode Ghost Hunt real quick and that was a pretty good dark ride. Rode by myself with both guns ablazing. We rode Boulder Dash-6, Wildcat-1. We left Lake Compounce at 3 pm and headed over to Six Flags New England. We arrived at Six Flags New England at 4:30 and it was raining pretty hard. We were thinking Superman probably won't be running which was disappointing being that this was the ride we came out there for. Millenium Force was my favorite steel when we arrived. By the time we got over to Superman ROS, it had stopped raining. Mr. Freeze and I went for the front seat first. Waited about 45 min. We were going up the lift hill with hands up when the girl asked us from behind "have you ridden this before?" We told her no. She said, "I advise you to hold on then." We didn't and down we went and through the first tunnel and then up the second hill. Airtime. then comes the overbanked turn and thats when all hell breaks loose. Oh my!!! Airtime Galore. After a few huge moments of airtime comes the second fog filled tunnel. Then the sharp rabbit hops at the end just made me want to just cry with tears of joy. I heard the girl behind me say "they actually held there hands up the whole time." The guy next to her said"their crazy". This ride blew away any expectations I had. Blew Millenium right out of the water for me. I'll take one Superman ride over 10 Millenium rides now. All I can say is WOW!! Does it get any better than this? I was in coaster heaven. We rode one more time before heading to ride the other coasters. Rode Poison Ivy then headed over to Batman the Dark Knight and we rode the front seat. The lift hill seemed steeper than any other B&M I have ridden. It was short but packed a punch in its short track. Great coaster. Headed over to Cyclone and it was rough and out of control. We felt like the train was just going to fly right off the track. I can't tell if I liked it or not. I don't remember it being that wicked 9 years ago when I last was at this park. We rode Thunderbolt on the way to Superman for the last rides of the night. Superman was even better at night. Rode 2 more times. Greatest coaster I have ever ridden period. Rode Superman-4,Batman-1,Poison Ivy-1, Cyclone-1,Thunderbolt-1 Day 2 start off with going back to Six Flags New England to ride Superman one more time and Batman one more time. We were debating on La Rhonde in Montreal for Saturday morning but decided against it. We would have had to leave the hotel at 5am Saturday morning after just getting back there about 11pm. We skipped La Rhonde all together. Six Flags New England is much improved over Riverside park when I was there 9 years ago. Great improved and will be back soon. If you haven't ridden Superman, I advise you to find away to get there and ride it. WOW!!!! Friday was the best day of our trip if not one of the best coaster days I have ever had. In the same day I now have a new favorite wood and steel coaster. Anyways, we left Six Flags at noon to drive over to Great Escape in Lake George,NY. I was also there 9 years ago but 2 of the friends were not. We went straight to the Comet and of course it breaks down. This is about 4pm. We waited in the station and finally were able to ride at 5 pm. We rode a few more times. On our 3rd ride were all sitting in the front car and it stops near the top of the lift hill. Mr. Freeze got a little freaked out. This was his first time getting stuck on a lift hill. The girl behind me starting freaking out even worse. Crying and yelling to get her off which was making Mr. Freeze even more nervous. Mr. Zeus and Myself thought it was kind of cool being stuck. After about 10 minutes we were finally off. Great airtime on this coaster but its no Boulder Dash. Its still in my top 10. Alpine Bobsled was closed so we headed over to Canyon Blaster. Ok coaster with great themeing. Then we headed over to Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon. Good in the dark coaster. It was our longest line of the weekend. One hour. When we came out, it was raining for the first time on this day and almost everybody left the park. It looked liked it just down poured. We headed over to Steamin Demon and this one hurt Mr. Timbers pretty good. I think he still has a bruise from it. We then rode Boomerang and then back over to the Comet. We rode 3 more times and we were going for a ride in the front car when the skies really opened up. Downpour. We yelled not to let us go and they shut Comet down. It was about 9:45. The whole train full of people were all waiting for the rain to slow when Security decided to come over to kick us all out. Did I forget to mention that there is now lighning, He would not let us stay under cover. He kicked everybody out of that section of the park. We hit the gift shop soaked from head to toe at the exit on the way out and while everybody was shopping, they shut off the lights in the shop. I guess they don't care about selling souveniors. I think they are trying to get rid of the old Great Escape stuff in the shops. A lot of stuff were on sale. Probably getting ready for the Six Flags junk I see in every Six Flags park. Get ready for Tweety Bird. Rode Comet-6,Canyon Blaster-1,Nightmare-1,Steamin Demon-1,Boomerang-1. Mr. Freeze seemed to really hate the park complaining constantly towards the end of the day about everything. He seen a piece of paper on the ground and said the park was disgusting. I think he was still upset about being stuck on Comet. We jumped in the car and headed over to our hotel, 3 hours away in Syracuse. I know, what a stupid idea. We arrived at the hotel at like 2 AM. Our plans were to leave at 6:30 am for breakfast. Day 3: We woke up at 8am and left the hotel at 9:30am. We were all moving much slower. We went to breakast until about 11am. We then headed over to Darien Lake. 3 of us have already been there but Mr. Freeze has not. We arrived at about 1:30pm. We rode Superman twice and Predator once. He had no interest in riding anything else so we left about 4pm. Darien Lake was really not that busy. Superman was great. We then headed for our last destination. Martin's Fantasy Island. Arrived at about 5 pm. We went straight for Silver Comet. This was my 225 coaster. Good coaster but not one of CCI's best. A lot of laterals on this coaster that Mr. Freeze and Timbers did not like. We then rode Wildcat and then Orient Express. Rode Silver Comet-2, wildcat-1, and Orient Express- 1. We left at 7 pm. for home. We decided that after doing this kind of trip for the first time, that it would probably be the last. It was just a little too much. And just to think that we were going to try and squeeze La Rhonde in there too. What were we thinking?

Thursday, August 14, 2003 8:34 AM
I have one word for you...Paragraphs!

That 70's Show Rocks, but coasters arre okay too. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2003 8:51 AM
I did have paragraphs and when I posted my trip report it came out in one huge paragraph. Sorry.
Thursday, August 14, 2003 3:34 PM
Decent TR :) But I think my head hurts now. :( Can't you edit it?
Saturday, August 16, 2003 6:59 AM
Great TR. Glad you liked Superman ( SFNE ). I wonder why Zoomerang ( LC ) was closed?

1-S:RoS @ SFNE
2-Boulder Dash
3-Yankee Cannonball
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