5 park, 8 day coaster trip. Part three .

Drove to St Louis after leaving Holiday World, and spent the night at a Fairfield Inn about 20 minutes from the park. Our first visit here.

I have to admit this is one of our best Six Flags park visits ever. Not because of the rides, but because of the the park personnel and the way the park is ran. They do have a good selection of rides.

First up Batman the ride. Typical experience, but being a mirror of Great Adventure or made for a different experience.

Screechin Eagle. First six flags park I've been to run 2 trains when the crowds are light(Boss will be the exception later.) Good ride. Enjoyable. Could see the ride getting the RMC treatment. Was wishing Great Adventure had kept rolling thunder around for RMC.

Ninja. Classic Arrow. It was one of the better coasters from this time period. Credit without a headache is a plus.

River King Mine Ride. Love Arrow mine trains, and this is decent.

Boomerang. My wife wouldn't ride. It was a little bangy! Spoiled with hershey's new train.

Pandemonium. We love these rides. Rode it at SFNE, and it was great here. We rode with a young girl that loved the ride and she made it a lot of fun.

Boss. One train operation. It was the longest wait of the day. It has a great layout, but the Gerstenlaur train suck. Made a ride that could be better not as good.

Mr Freeze Reverse Blast. One of the coasters I was really looking forward to, and we both loved it.

American Thunder was the last ride of the day. Good GCI. Enjoyable and really reridable.

All the coasters we rode at least two or more laps except for boomerang or Boss. We left here around 5 to get to Branson. Next up Silver Dollar City.

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