5 park, 8 day coaster trip. Part four.

Silver Dollar City is a nice park. My only complaint is the narrow pathways in the park. Plenty of shade areas to keep us as cool as can be on a 99 degree day(reminded us why we typically travel off season.)

Thunderation is a classic mine train ride. Decent ride. We both enjoy this.

Time Traveler is right next to Thunderation. Nice queue and happy that its cool in there. We were assigned the second to the last row. Its a decent ride and different than anything else I've been on. It's starts off spinning right out of the station down the vertical drop into the first inversion. Two launches and two more inversions later we hit the brakes disoriented and laughing.

We rode the train, and checked out various shops on our way to our next ride.

Powder Keg. Been looking forward to riding this for a long time. The launch has punch, and enjoyed the airtime over the first hill. Not too intense but fun. Hit the lift hill, drop, turn around and hit the brakes. Was Buzzaw Falls fun? I'd have to think Powder Keg is a decent upgrade from that.

Outlaw Run. This ride doesn't disappoint. It's a succession on intense elements one after another until you hit the brakes. Preferred front seat, but it's equally good in the back. Loved the sideway airtime bill(whatever it's called,) and the double inline twist at the end of the ride caught us by surprise on the first lap.

Wildfire. Love the view of the mountains from the top. Typical B&M sitdown. Only the 2nd one I've been on(Kumba is the other.) Had a bad spot of headbanging on it that got me good. Enjoyable ride. Don't like how they let their line cut system in the station right next to row one, so it delays wait time for the front row.

We are returning to the park today to ride Fire in the hole, and rerides on the coasters and to take in some shows of possible.

Been at Branson since Monday night and there is the litany of touristy things to do(Hollywood Wax museum, Ripley's, Titanic, etc.) We've done those other places, and didn't feel the need to repeat. We did the Showboat Branson Belle and that was fun. There are so many shows to see and we may get another in tonight.

Tomorrow driving back to Cincinnati and visiting Kings Island. Flying home Sunday morning.

Got a front seat lap on time traveler today. A lot of fun up front. Got the Fire In The Hole Credit, and then it closed. We rode all the coasters twice and watched the show at the Silver Dollar Saloon. A/C in the show was welcomed. Another 97 degree day. Got out of there in about 4 hours. Great park.

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Do they still have that Splash Battle ride? That was easily the biggest hit for our family last time we were there (given that the kids weren’t tall enough for Outlaw Run).

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Yes they do, and it’s yet another testament as to how SDC can fit a fun, well-themed attraction into a relatively small space. I watched it go around for quite a while when I was there this spring, and the kids really do love it. And then there was the occasional dad who somehow got suckered into it as well....
My favorite was when the poor ride op put on rain gear and rode a complete lap every fifteen minutes or so. Probably to check for debris, swimmers, and bodies. Anyway, the announcement was “please do not shoot the ride host in the black raincoat. Please do NOT shoot the ride host in the black raincoat.” and I’m sure you can guess what happened. And most of the offenders were the mad dads.

I thought it was a lot better than Dollywood’s come-and-gone Splash Battle.

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