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We just spent 6/05-6/10 at CP. Top priority was to ride TTD for the first time. Things looked pretty grim after our 12 hour ride entering the park to find TTD cable laying on the ground. Everyone said it would be down for days. By the next day at noon it was open. After a half hour wait it went down again. It would run for 15 minutes and go down for 20 minutes. Finally we got our ride. All the frustration was worth it. What a rush!! Over the next 4 days it was probably running about 70 percent of the time. Down for minor problems the rest of the time. We managed 10 rides including 3 front seat rides and a rollback. Had it not been for the breakdowns wait times would have about an hour but averaged about 1 and a half. Not to bad.
MF waits averaged about 30 minutes. Raptor and Wicked Twister about 15 minutes. All in all a great trip. A little frustrating with TTD but after every ride all was forgotten. I can't wait to go back in Aug.
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Sounds like you had fun! I wish I could go to CP for five days. CP is awesome for having it open. 3 trains on Raptor? What about Mantis?
Yes 3 trains on Raptor. Rode mantis once with a 30 min wait. It's a little to rough for me. I didn't notice how many trains were on Mantis. This was our first time at CP before the summer crowds hit. I rode more coasters in those 5 days than I have ever ridden. Hope you get there.
I will, on July 5th. I can hardly wait.

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Mantis is running two trains.

I decided to head to the park around 6:00p.m. on 6/10. In the rain rode Raptor 5x, Mantis 2x, Wicked Twister 6x, and Iron Dragon 2x, after the rain cleared up at around 9:00p.m. got Millie and Magnum 2x. Waited in a short line for Dragster to open after several consistent rollbacks they gave up around 10:05. I love going to CP on rainy days 19 rides total in 4 hours is definately a fun day in the park

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