5-22-01 Physics day at Kennywood

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001 2:39 PM
I just got back from a decent day at Kennywood. First of all I should have been in school, but I got to attend Physics day. Actually, my teacher did not make my class do Physics. I arrived at 10 A.M. Phantom's Revenge and Exterminator were not scheduled to open till 11 so I hit rides on Racer, Jackrabbit, and Arrow 360. Three very good rides. However Kennywood finally must have gotten afraid about the wooden polls holding up the Racer. They seemed to have bolted those suckers down good. Jackrabbit was up and running again. It is still a classic. Arrow 360 is my favorite non coaster at Kennywood. About 11, I walked by Phantom's Revenge. Still not open, and rain began falling. I went to Exterminator before the crowds to stay dry. I like this ride but it is not as good as when it opened due to the brakes right before the car begins to spin. Waited about half an hour for Exterminator. Then I rode Pittfall two times. Finally at 12 Phantom's Revenge was open. I waited about half an hour before entering the line to let the line die a bit (I also wanted some Potato Patch Fries). Afterwards I got in line and waited an hour for the front seat. I would have waited at least five minutes less if I did not have to wait for WTAE to film something on the coaster for the news. The ride was incredible. I was now able to throw my hands up on the first and second drops due to the new restraints. It now seems that there is less clearance for the drop between the Thunderbolt. Airtime is plentiful, and intensity is constant throughout the ride. I noticed that this was the second train running. Whether they have train number one there, I do not know. Unfortunately, that was the only ride I had today. I wanted to try out many seats, but it did not work that way. Afterwards, I hit the Racer and Jackrabbit two more times, and the Exterminator once before leaving at 4 P.M. A good day, but like many, I really miss the Thunderbolt. Once they get it running again, Kennywood will be Kennywood again!

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