45 Minutes @ SFGAm. Deja Vu?

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The Dish (My Wife) and I decided that we wanted a date night tonight, so we made the short dash down the Interstate to SFGAm. It had rained on and off in the afternoon in Kenosha, so we decided to take a chance. Driving down 41, around the Wadsworth road crossing, it rained like crazy for about 5 minutes, then it quit. Can't complain about that!

We pulled in the parking lot right around 7 after grabbing Taco Bell back in K-Town, and saw right away that Deja Vu was operating. So, we said that we would get in line, even if it was a 3 hour wait. We quickly walked back to the entrance, and saw that none of the switchbacks were open. Since we'd never seen the ride operate, we had no idea how long the line would take. It ended up only taking about a half hour. Not too bad. Rides were dispatching at about 5 minute intervals... A little slow, if you ask me, but not bad for the first week of real operation.

The biggest problem was not the crew, but the guests not following instructions. Waiting in line up by the station, I saw several people pull down the harnesses before they buckled their seat belts, and then the ops had to unlock the harnesses, and go through that whole mess each time.

I didn't particularly like the way the station was designed. It felt very closed in... claustrophobic. The gates and "fences" all over the place didn't help the aesthetics.

While we were waiting in line, a train was passing through the boomerang its final time when I saw a little black object come flying off the train. It flew all the way past the loop and made a large thud on the roof of the station. It looked to me like a cell phone. Definately NOT part of the train.

The Ride: Row 5B. VERY SMOOTH. Not much headbanging at all... At least not what I expected when looking at the boomerang. Very fun. Probably wouldn't wait in line much more than an hour for it, but very fun. Quality ride, now that it's working.

Getting off the ride, I noticed a blond kid, probably about 13 or 14 years old, wearing a white Coasterbuzz T-Shirt that was on my train... If you read this, let me know. I'd be interested to know who you were.

We left 45 minutes after entering the park... Season passes are so wonderful!!!

"Welcome to Wisconsin... Illinois' Largest State Park."
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Season passes are great, I have to drive through the chicago area a lot and it is really nice after a traffic laden trip to get a ride on the bull before hitting the road again. Talk about your ulitimate stress reliever!

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