42 Hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes at Holiday World

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A filter pump malfunction in a water ride at Southern Indiana's Holiday World caused fumes that sent 42 people to a hospital with breathing troubles.

Read more from The Courier-Journal.

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"Koch says lifeguards immediately got everyone out of the water ride and closed off the area. A park spokeswoman says staffers gave oxygen to those who needed it."

Holiday World's preparation for emergencies is right on the ball. The extensive training really pays off.

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My first thought about toxic fumes (AFTER making sure everybody was okay) was "Okay, who had Taco Bell for dinner last night?"

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Personally I hope everyone who was involved is ok. That was my first thought honestly.

Ouch, I hope everyone is alright but that is some serious stuff. The training paid off sure, but I hope those people got a refund or free pass for that.

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