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40 coasters, 4 days, 3 states, 925 miles.

LeSourdsville Lake, Monroe (Middletown), OH. Sunday, June 23rd, beautiful skies, hot & muggy.

For those who don't know, I play in a 30 & over men's baseball league, called Roy Hobbs, on Sundays where it's almost a dream come true to play this game again at my age of 34. My riding partner, Glen, decided to watch this debacle on Sunday before leaving on our journey, but we were not ready for the roller coaster ride of a ball game, before actually boarding a train. After the first inning, the team wanted me to pitch against the best team in the league, I'm good, but not stellar by all means. I pitched well, but beaned one of my good friends from the other team, unintentionally, where he chuckled ran to first, then scored two errors later! Then, the real action came. Two batters later, I slipped off the mound beaning their best hitter. I was upset at myself, looked up and he was charging the mound! Yes, benches cleared, words exchanged, pushing, shoving.....and this was for fun? After the dust cleared, adrenaline flowing, I left to ride coasters. The team saw it best, that I bolt before retaliation.

We left Toledo at 3pm arriving in Monroe, OH around 6pm, where we sought the $10 package. We spent a total of $15 a piece at LeSourdsville at the gate, parking included.

The Park: Clean, friendly, on a beautiful lake and river bed only 10 minutes off I-75. The gates were well painted, the staff minimal, but smiling. Signs were positioned explaining the attractions, which would be a main topic of our trip over the next 4 days. Many flat rides circle the lake and an outstanding Log Ride on one end of the park. You see, if you read the next 3 reports, you'll find I'm a sucker for Log Flumes.....always have been. Each flume is completely different from another and were usually constructed well before I was born, in other words, it's nostalgia.

Flat rides: I cannot name them all, but the kids were having a ball on them, while we walked from the Serpent to the Screechin' Eagle. The ride ops were super soaking the riders on the Himilaya ride on this muggy evening. The new Zipper was flying and the Whip in the back looked great, but gave me haunting pictures in my mind of Kennywood. I couldn't get that out of my brain.


1) Serpent: The usual Galaxie style ride showing its age, but delivered a smooth, fun ride.

2) Screechin' Eagle: I pride myself on riding ancient classics (basically woodies built before 1960). Three ride operators ran the woodie and after the train was checked, the two women ops hopped in with us! This, my friends is a classic. Great pops off air in the front and ejecting us out of the back seat especially after the turnaround. Eagle is short, yes, but delivered a great ride overall. We lapped it ten times and headed for our hotel.

As passionate I am of our craft, I must advertise for the park. If you plan on making a trip to PKI or just in the area, you MUST stop and ride the Eagle and wander around this tiny, but beautiful park. Charles N. said it best a few weeks ago, "That's the only way these little parks will survive." Giving us thrills for less dollars. Yes, PKI is only 20 minutes East of LeSourdsville and some may ask, "How can Americana survive?" Well, this park gives the GP the family touch for less money. Some families cannot afford a $300-400 day at PKI, where LeSourdsville will be perfect for their budget. After viewing the smiling children exiting the rides, these families will get "their bang for their buck!"


Needs: If management can establish a cash flow and wants to build and increase attractions, they have enough space for many flat rides and maybe even another small, wooden coaster. I'm NOT saying they should build one, only the future challenges if they CAN.

Surprises: The Eagle has amazing airtime and was a great surprise in the opening park of our trip.

***Disclaimer*** 1) Every park is not the same. 2) 40 coasters in 4 days is worth every penny. 3) Thanks, Todd. I try very hard on my trip reports.

There's nothing like a woodie...

Hey, Glad you liked it! Is that flume a raftride, Coaster or what? unfortunately the Flume was not built before you were born. '93 I believe.

Eagle always has and always will provide one of the most wierd paced and differnt type airtime rides, I have ever ridden.

Your whip reference makes me wonder if I can ride Kennywoods again. It wasn't the parks fault but a act of nature so I guess I can ride it. Still sad though, we were at SRM having the time of our lives when we got that earth shattering news.

Thanks for giving it a endorsement. Lesourdsville Lake is a park that you can enjoy many ways from a all day picnic with relatives/friends of any age. Or just stopping by for a couple of rides. It's only 10 minutes from I-75 exit 29 and only 20 minutes from Kings Island with a good map.

Chuck, who hopes many will attend Lesourdsville this year. A meet is set for July 5th and there may be another meet for ACERS for a 75th birthday party for the John Miller classic Screechin Eagle. If you can't attend any of these. Just visit.

Chuck, who says the only thing he sees improvement wise would possibly be a slight addmission increase and Free Drinks, Too bad that Thunder Run wasn't installed in the park it was designed for.

Charles Nungester
Lesourdsville Lake, The great American amusement park opens the season June 6th Thurs-Sun every week. Park phone is (513)539-2193

Thanks Chuck. The Flume was probably the best on this trip. It's more of a raging rapids coaster than a log flume. Overall, it was great fun. And if you need anymore endorsing, let me know. It was worth every minute of the drive leaving a day early to experience this great little park.

There's nothing like a woodie...

I read all your TR's and I saw you liked log flumes like you said. I also try to ride all of them and like them. Nice TR!

-Sean Newman
84 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC # 100 in July. Waiting for the 305 foot drop tower in 2003. Thank you PKD.

I didn't realize that Thunder Run was originally intended for Lesourdsville, or that John Miller designed the Eagle. We may have to make a run up there to see this little park. Thanks for the trip report.

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