4 parks in 3 days.Part1

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The agenda for the 3 days:Six Flags Great Adventure Friday May 17th,Dorney Park and Knoebels Saturday May 18th, and finish up with Hershey Sunday May 19th.

After an 8 hour drive and a small fortune on all the Turnpikes, my brother and I made it to SFGAdv around 9:45. Only to discover that it was math and science days and there was a sea of yellow school buses already in the parking lot. Getting through the metal detectors took awhile,seeings how every teenager had a bag that needed to be checked. We had a 30 minute wait to get in the park, so there was a lot of crowding and line cutting. I was glad they were quick getting people through the gates.

We planned on going to El Toro first, it's our favorite ride in the park.After taking the short cut through the arcade to the right of the Carousel,we were front seat on the first train of the day. It's been a couple of years since we've been to GAdv and El Toro was running just as awesome as I remembered. We got a reride toward the back of the train. It's hard to believe how smooth and fast El Toro is. It's my favorite wooden coaster ever.

Next we headed to Nitro and Batman: The Ride. The park was crowded but, the lines for the rides weren't too bad. We made it to Nitro with the line at the bottom of the stairs, about a 15 minute wait. We rode in the very back,still my favorite B&M mega coaster.We waited one train to ride in the back on Batman,that coaster is so intense my toes were tingling.I really love the B&M inverted coasters but, Batman's my favorite model.

We headed to The Dark Knight, we missed riding it the year it opened by a couple of weeks.All the special effects weren't working and it was a little rough. We rode the Chicago version last year and thought it was a slight bit smoother.I'm not a big fan of wild mouse rides, maybe I'm getting too old to be thrown around like that. I do like the themeing of The Dark Knight.

Sky Screamer was next on the list.This was the first time on one of these. I thought it was a little scarier than the Windseeker models, something about hanging by chains that far in the air. I was surprised when we got about a 1/4 of the way back down, it went back to the top. I liked the ride.

We finally rode Rolling Thunder for the first time.It was a little rougher than I like my wooden coasters.I rode Runaway Mine Train by myself. My brother decided to not ride. It was ok.

We headed to Bizzaro for the first time since the rethemeing. A little themeing goes a long way in my book, plus it shoots out big balls of fire. I like the new colors and the Bizzaro theme. I like B&M floorless coasters and had a good ride.

After that we headed Panda Express for some lunch and a small shopping break. Had some Orange Chicken,Beijing Beef, and some pot stickers. A little bit on the expensive side but, worth it. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the great weather.We asked a few kids when they were heading back to school and they told us 4. That was great new since the park didn't close til 8.

After lunch we went to see what the wait was on Green Lantern and Superman, an hour on both, so we decided to wait for the kids to leave. About 4 almost all the kids were leaving in swarms. So we headed to Green Lantern, we rode it about 5 times when it was Chang at Kentucky Kingdom. I liked the themeing and for the most part had a good ride. This is my least favorite model that B&M makes. There are a few of them that I like(Riddler's Revenge, Green Lantern, Georgia Scorcher, and sometimes Mantis)but, most of them box my ears too much.

Superman was the last major ride on our list,I actually like the Superman model.I just wish there was more to it after the loop.We waited about 20 minutes.

We ended up reriding El Toro,Bizzaro,Nitro, and Batman after all the kids left. Neither of us wanted to ride Kingda Ka, way too much vibration the last time we rode it.All in all we had an awesome day.GAdv. is one of my favorite parks in the Six Flags chain. Sorry my report is so long,thanks for reading.


Jarrod L.Thorne said:

... big balls of fire.

AC/DC meets Jerry Lee Lewis?

Thanks for the report. Missed you by a day, I was there Saturday and Sunday.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Your report was short compared to some of mine! And Mike Gallengher's! I think longer trip reports are better. Yours was nice!

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