4 parks in 3 days Fun Spot, SFWOA 6-13 Part 1

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Monday, June 17, 2002 7:27 PM

I started off on my coaster vacation on Thursday June 13. I made the 9 hour trek to SFWOA with a stop on the way to take some pics of Fun Spot. I stopped at Fun Spot for a few pics and was on my way because it was only 8 and park wasn't open yet. The park seems very nice and I hope to visit it one day when its open.

I continued on to SFWOA and got in a few rides. I got to the park at 12 and was greeted by people at the front gate asking if you had any questions or comments that you would like to share. I really thought that was a nice gesture and was hoping for a good day since I heard the park is trying to improve. Well I have mixed emotions about the park. I went to X-Flight first. It was running two trains and had about a 15 minute wait. I was very unimpressed with the ride. I thought it was rough and shaky compared to Superman. Also the restraint system was very scary with only the vest holding you in compared to Superman. After that I rode Big Dipper which I loved especially the old trains but one train op made a 30 minute line. The I hit Mr. Hydes which I was dying to ride since it used to be the Edge at SFGAM. After that was The Villian which I was greatly impressed by. I would say my number three woodie. But again single train op made the line 45 minutes. After that I got a nice walk on ride on B:KF which was my first floorless. I loved it. After that I rode the RWB. Wow people don't exaggerate how bad the trains are and ride is. This ride needs some work and is pretty rough. All in all my day at SFWOA was good but also disappointing because of the poor operation with S:UE and Double Loop down and single train op. The park still has a ways to go to be able to compete with CP in terms of rides and service in my oppinion.

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Monday, June 17, 2002 7:40 PM

I've already made my decision to get a Six Flags season pass for next year, so I'll be able to visit on my own. I be making a national six flags tour. I've still not been to SFWOA.

I hope you can make it back to Fun Spot someday. I was there on opening weekend this year and the place has a nice collection of flat rides and kiddy rides. Its a wonderful fun place for kids. Fun Spot has added 4 new rides this year including a kiddie coaster, which my kids rode and they said it was pretty good. The operator wouldn't allow me to ride it.


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Monday, June 17, 2002 7:44 PM
I am going to WoA for 3 days thurs, fri, and sat.

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