4 parks, 5 days (IB, MA, SFGaM, CP)

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We've been planning this trip for a while so here goes the report. The car ride from Florida to Northern Indiana is always brutal.

Monday(8/19) One and a half hour drive to Indiana Beach from my relatives home where we were staying. I haven't been here for twenty years. Wow alot has changed, there was no wait for any of the rides except LoCoSuMo. Hoosier Hurricane good ride front and back. Cornball excellent ride, floating air in back, quick air up front.

What were they thinking with LoCoSuMo, Bone Rattling is an understatement (men make sure your wallet is in your front pocket on this one, I forgot, now I have a nice bruise on my butt). Rode Falling Star, Chaos, Double Shot (name guessed), and the umbrella thing. All in all good day, nice park.

Tuesday (8/20), Two hour drive to Michigan's Adventure. Shivering Timbres, the reason we went to this park, closed.

Wolverine Wildcat very rough, actually hurt me worse than LoCoSuMo. The only good ride was the Mad Mouse. Rode Corkscrew, Falling Star, Tiltawhirl, train(ha, ha). Cedar Fair definately needs more rides at this park.

Wednesday (8/21), Two hour drive to SFGaM. Sign in front saying of course, Deja Vu closed, but also Raging Bull.

First ride Viper, awesome as usual, huge airtime. My wife doesn't like heights but I got her to ride the drop ride(forgot the name) 200' is pretty scary very fun ride though. A ride on the Demon to follow, not that exciting but its a classic for me, It was my first major roller coaster. Forward on the American Eagle good ride, Backward also a good ride. My wife also has a thing about shuttle coasters, but I also got her to ride V2, in the second row though. Awesome ride, I like the slight pause on the back tower. While waiting in line we noticed Raging Bull had started to test. After V2 over to Raging Bull, smooth as silk and extremely fun.

To end the night we thought we would take a ride on Batman, like all the others but still fun. Twenty minutes till the park closes, run to Raging Bull again. Another Awesome ride.

Thursday (8/22) Three hour ride to Cedar Point, and we had some family with us. Last time I had been to CP the Magnum had just opened. Where do we go first?

Mill Force of course, 45 minute wait and we were on, what can I say but WOW, speed, speed, and more speed. On to the rest of the park, Iron Dragon calming fun, Raptor good ride a little head banging, Lunch time at Johnny Rockets.

After lunch onto Disaster Transport, cool 3d effects in the queue, didn't know what was going on in the ride, fun anyway. Wicked Twister was next, my wife didn't have to suffer through this one, my brother was with me Front row. Good ride, although I think I liked V2 better. Anyway onto the scrambler, chaos, Corkscrew, Power Tower(turbo Shot), pretty scary. Next in line Magnum, awesome airtime really enjoyed the airtime in the tunnel. Then the sky opened up , perfect time for some frozen custard.

After the rain it was onto Mean Streak and a huge headache, over to the Gemini, which was OK, the Mine Train to reduce the headache. The Mantis which I shoud have known better, headbanging and inner thigh pain. Over to the Blue Streak, surprisingly pretty fun. Finally one last ride on the Mill Force, even better in the dark. Thank you Cedar Point.

Well, that was our vacation this year, hopefully next year we can include Holiday World, and King's Island.

3 hours from SFGA to Cedar Point? Wow

Heading to CP this Thursday and Friday to complete the Great Lakes slam.

ST closed? Bummer. Visited MiA for the first time this year and was impressed, but without ST, well, I don't know if it would have been worth the 3 hour drive. Got a kick out of the train. Conductor: "To your right is Shivering Timbers, to your left weeds, and more weeds." At least he had a sense of humor about it. Really, what's the point???

James K, SFGaM is Six Flags Great America in Chicago.

Six Flags Great America is in Gurnee although they say Chicago, but 3 hours how did you do that its about a 5-6 hour drive. Also 2 hours from Michigans Adventure to Six Flags Great America, thats at least a 3 hour drive!!

Deja Vu Count = 23

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Coasterdude316, My relatives live in LaPorte Indiana which is where I stayed, driving back and forth every day. LaPorte is actually 60 miles east of Chicago, but of course with traffic its a two hour drive to SFGaM.

Corey Lee,

People (including myself) got confused since you didn't make clear the part of staying each night at your "home base" of LaPorte. We all thought you were going from park to park and staying at hotels near the parks...

Le roi est mort. Vive le roi.
Thanks Great America!

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