4-H trip to CP (mean Ride ops) on 6/30

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Tuesday, July 1, 2003 6:55 PM
yesterday, (6-30) me and about 50 other 4-H'ers took off from LaPorte indiana at approxomently 5:30am to CP. WE took highway 6 all the way to Cedar point (highway 6 basicly runs through my back yard) we ended up geting in the park about 11 o'clock. First ride-

Raptor- got inline right away, but before i got inline i decided i would try out the test seat. i am a big kid,, o what the hell, i am a fat kid, i was scared i wouldnt fit, well it took sum pushing of a friend to get me in. well i was kinda depresed when the guy at the que told me i should loose avout 50 lbs and come back, but i just blew him off. we waited for exactly 1 hour for raptor, rode 3rd row, outside seat. the ride ops were really rushing, barely gave me anytime, didnt offer any help, well after i was secured in, Raptor *my first B&M Invert, blew me away, was totaly awsome. it is now one of my favorite rides, ran pretty smooth, i loved the G's in thge Helix. (didnt mind the ending) lol. Out of ten i give it a 9.5

The group of 4 i was in then headed to the back of the park, next up was

Corkscrew- short wait, maybe 20 minutes at the most, suprisingly fun, nice air after the loop, really short, but fun. 6.0

we then headed to mean streak, when we got over to the area of mean streak there was a slovakian woman standing there and she said it was closed, I asked her if it would open back up, and she couldnt understand me, so i just said thankyou and walked away. We then headed to find some food, we went to the midway cafe, or sumthing like that, its an all you can eat place, but needless to say, i just had a sald because i was kinda depresed from earlier. we got done eating and it was now 2:30, we only had till 6 o clock before we had to leave. we then headed to

Disaster Transport- it was pretty hot out so we thought it would be a good idead to go in teh A/C and ride siaster transport. well we meet some other chool kids from indiana in the QUE and got to talking with them, joking around about my fatness and excetera. we waited 45 minutes for the crappiest ride ever, i dont know, i didnt enjoy it..i give it a 3.

next my group of 4, plus the group of 3 we meet up with got to talking, and they told me if i was pushing it on raptor, that i shouldnt even try on M/f and Magnum, so we headed over to

Blue Streak-Fun ride. i really enjoyed it, suprizing Air through the whole ride, we waited about 15/20 minutes, good ride, i would deffintly like to ride it again. back to the opp's. go tto the station, and I asked teh lady if she would give me a second so i can make the seatbelt bigg enough for me, and she got all crappy with me and said they were on a tight schedule, so i hurried up and got it done and then she asked me if i needed anything else, and then dispatched the train, how rude, i give B/s a 7.5

we then split are group up one last time, me and 1 other kid meet up with about 20 people from are group for one last ride on raptor ( we scheduled to meet therer at 4) so we waited about 45 minutes for waht turned out to be are last coaster of the day. well we rode same row, but this time the ride op got ****ty with me, when i asked my friend to push the restraint down on me, he said it was against park policy and that if i couldnt pull it down i wouldnt be able to ride, then i explained to him how i was allowed to earlier, and he baicly ignored me and told me to pull my restraint down, wich i magicly got to click, and he buckled me in. well Raptor blew me away once again, totaly awsome, after we got off of for the final time, we headed off to

Wicked Twister, well i went to the test seat and tried it out... well i new it was gona be close, i pulled it down adn i couldnt buckle the belts.... so i called a friend over to help me, when all of a sudden a lady at the Que enternce came over and told me that, waht we were doing wasnt allowed, and we would hafta stop imediatly. i then proceded to ask why? and she ignored me. sp then are group hit the Giant Wheel and then we went home...

So overall i was kinda dissapointed in myself for being fat, but i thought they could of been nicer. but i dont care, i am used to the stuff that happend with being fat. well thanks for listing, coments welcome

matt Lukac

Tuesday, July 1, 2003 7:28 PM
I liked your trip report, but write it a little bit slower next time, and review it after you post it. You'll be amazed at how many mistakes you can find reading it through the second time. Most of the errors seemed to be transpositions, in other words letters in the wrong places. ex. teh, or words spelled incorrectly. My suggestion would be to write the TR in a program like Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program that has spell correction, and then copy and paste it into your trip report. I keep a dictionary by my side when I write my TR's, and I've learned the correct spelling of many words such as DEFINITELY, my biggest pet peeve.

I'm sorry to hear about your bad time at CP. You should have reported the incidents to Guest Relations. I'm sure they would have taken action, although it was too late by that point.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2003 8:54 PM

Sorry to hear you had a bad time, and like Intamanfan said, you should of stopped off at Park Ops. As a former employee of CP I can see where you;re coming from, but at the same time, I also agree with the park. The ride operators could have been much nicer to you (that's for sure)! But when you got into the seat, and your friends had to push the restraints down, that should have been the first clue that you may have issues with riding that specific ride.

It's been CP's policy for awhile now that if you cannot pull down your harness to where we can buckle it, you cannot ride. For obvious safety reasons having someone push down on it so it fits is not the brightest or safest idea.

As for the ride op at Mean Streak? I'm sure she just misheard or misunderstood. With the employees that are International, they MUST have a grasp of the english language to work in Rides.

Other than my 2 cents, I'm sorry you had such a crappy time! :0( Hopefully if you do visit again, you will see that CP is actually a great park to visit...

Wednesday, July 2, 2003 10:56 PM
No offense ride ops are not supposed to pull down your harness they can buckle you and check your harness, even if your handicaped, insurance reasons most likely, as for the weight comment that was just wrong, also as for them waiting and waiting you must understand if it takes people in every train a lot of extra time to snap in then the lines in general won't move, and when lines don't move other patrons get pissed, As for the rudeness at the point I have only run into problems with park operations, there is one lady in there that really needs find a job not dealing with people at all. I know ride ops can be kinda blut sometimes especially when telling people to stay off railings and behind the yellow line, but you must understand that its a safety issue and the more lenient they get the more potential accidents can occour and when accidents occour the ride is generally closed until an investigation has occoured. As for the foriegnors, thats something you have to deal with everywhere not just Cedar Point.
Thursday, July 3, 2003 7:54 AM
I don't know exactly how big you are, but if you were able to ride Raptor, you certainly would have been able to ride Magnum.

I went with my mother recently, and she couldn't ride the OTS restraint rides, but she could still ride Magnum.

Now Millenium isn't as tough to fit on as the OTS restraint rides, but it is tighter than Magnum. My mother barely, barely couldn't ride that.

I recommend next time you go definitely ride Magnum, and try the test seat on Millenium Force. You just might be able to ride it, and it's a ride not to be missed!

Take care and God bless!

Thursday, July 3, 2003 8:45 AM
Well thanks for the info guys, I mean I know i am fat, but I just love rollercoasters, I cant get enough, I am trying to lose weight, but i just can't. its really weried tho, because when i went to six flags Kentucky Kingdon, I fit in the SLC just fine, and I still had allot of room. I dotn know, it was really embarassing being to fat for a rollercoaster, really dosnt help some one that allready has low self estem. The worst part of it all was, i was walking around with some fairly attractive girls that I thought were begining to like me, well its over now, next trip will be coming up soon, back to Michigans adventure. thanks again yall I really apperciate it,


Thursday, July 3, 2003 9:07 AM
Dear Matt,
Being a large kid myself I know how it feels. If you have a YMCA by your house get a membership and use the trendmills and weight machines. You'll feel better about yourself and lose weight.

Anyways, I have trouble fitting on only FoF at KI. Nothing else gives me trouble.

Joe Barnett
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Thursday, July 3, 2003 11:29 AM
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well i was kinda depresed when the guy at the que told me i should loose avout 50 lbs and come back, but i just blew him off.

You should have told him to gain 50 IQ points then talk to you again.

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