3rd and Final Day of SFMM (7/2/13)

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This is it! The day I completed my SFMM "quest"! I didn't get the Flash Pass today, but the lines were short enough to get me on seven rides.

I started the day at about 11:30 with Batman: The Ride. I was thoroughly impressed with it's five inversions and smoothness. Much better than the other Batman I've ridden, the one at Great Adventure.

I actually decided to opt out of Green Lantern: First Flight. If X2 makes 4th Dimension coasters seem awesome, Green Lantern makes them look pathetic.

A re-ride of Goliath, still great airtime in the back as ever. But the coaster actually stopped dead in its tracks at the mid-course brake run, and I feared it wouldn't have cleared the circuit. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Revolution was next on my list. First ever looping coaster - or at least, that's what I heard. It was overall just decent, but I was happy with its variety in turns and curves.

Then I made up for my loss yesterday (see Day 2), and rode X2. This is a coaster that's perfect to marathon - except for the fact it's got very high g's. But it's the perfect length, smoothness, and the waits aren't at all bad considering how popular it is.

Scream! was up next. Obviously nothing exceptional for a floorless ride - nothing of KD's Dominator material - but most floorless rides have a lot in common. Loop, Dive Loop, ZGR, Cobra Roll, and some loop/corkscrew mix. But I still liked it anyway.

At this point, my dad and I left the park to get dinner elsewhere.

At last - the sunset ride and the nighttime ride. And it was...

...X4. Or x2 twice. Both the sunset and night views of the park form the lift hill were astonishing. The nighttime ride was a great grand finale. And the on-board audio played "Enter Sandman" on the lift - good choice of an overrated Metallica song ;)

That concludes my Magic Mountain trip. Now that I think about it - Ninja, Green Lantern, and Gold Rusher might not have been worth it. So I'm glad I skipped those.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions - this was an amazing trip! I'll also hopefully get to Cedar Point later this season. I have yet to ride GateKeeper. Until then, just hang on, ride on, and enjoy! Thank you!

Still, if the lines were short, how could've you been content with only seven rides? That doesn't make much sense to me.

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You skipped Ninja? That would be one of the rides that I would go to Magic Mountain for.

Rad trio of Trip Reports, StrangeKid.

I might've missed it, but in your trip reports I don't see two things. Superman and Lex Luthor. Were they down or did you opt out of them too?

I guess we're different but I wouldn't have made a trip to a new park so far away and left rides behind. (but I'm a credit 'ho) As LK says, Ninja is a good ride, and I'll remind you that suspended coasters may be a dying breed. Also, Green Lantern is the only ride of its kind in the U.S., and the rocking and flips are gravity influenced, not the result of a mechanism in the train. You seem to have let your opinion of one coaster influence another without having tried both.

I definitely would've made fewer laps on Viper and Goliath and tried to get the others. But I'm glad you guys had a good time, and your trip reports made nice reading. I'd like to get back to SFMM someday.

Edit to add: oops, sorry. I see Superman on day two. My bad. ,

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Ninja is a great ride, and I don't like suspended coasters. Green Lantern really isn't very comparable to X2, sad that you didn't ride, because its actually a really great coaster, IMO.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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RCMAC - I actually rode Supeman on Day 2. Take a look and you will see that I was unimpressed.

I did see that, take a look at my edit and apology.

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No need to apologize.

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Thanks for the TR's! It's been many years since I've been to SFMM. (Pre-Tatsu) They have a great collection of rides, however the last few times I was there, the park was being operated so poorly that I lost any love I had for the place. I thought I read somewhere that that had been fixed.

Riddlers is a great ride, the only standup I even like, yet this coaster, I love!

X - Well, I only rode it when it was X, not sure what X2 changed. (Fire, I think?) Can someone fill me in on this old piece of news... But I generally put my 3 rides on X as "The worst coaster experiences of my life." To clarify, both on the inside and outside seats, the headbanging was so rough. My head was being pounded against the headrest so hard that I felt like (I was gonna include a timely yet tasteless joke here, but decided against it) Glad you liked it though, I will admit that I seem to be in the minority on this opinion.

Ninja is one of the better Arrow suspendeds.

Goliath is pretty freaking sweet, despite the lame, rampy first drop. (Titan is better, heh heh)

No real point to this response, just sharing a couple of opinions with you.

I would love to go back to this park sometime soon.

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X2 may be smoother than the original X. Not sure if that's true or not, but I felt like when I rode it, it was so fast there wasn't any time for the train to shake. I do have the say - X2's restraints are oddly shaped and very tight. My arms hurt after one of the rides.

I do agree with your Riddler statement. Most standups (especially CP's Mantis) cause a lot of pain. Not this one.

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