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Here's some new technology for you to try out. It looks awesome on my iPod through the YouTube app. Watching it on my iMac is not very interesting, though. What do you all think?


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That's awesome. You can even tilt and look around while it's paused. Or turn around and watch the riders. While I was watching, I found myself instinctively tilting the view to be more like what you'd see while riding, as opposed to stationary POVs where you're looking straight at the track on certain elements.

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Conan was doing this on his show a few weeks back. You could watch as if you were there in person - on stage, in the theatre, whatever.

It was compatible with Google Cardboard, I think - a lot of promotion stuff using this offers branded cardboard viewers for the full "VR experience" (again, see: Conan)

I believe CP even sent out themed cardboard viewers in the kits for their upcoming announcement.

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I like A LOT of early tech stuff.

I'm REALLY looking forward to some stuff that Oculus, Sony, Microsoft, and a few others are coming out with.

I really thought the Google Cardboard was cool, but it's pretty limited since it is after all cardboard...but the price is great.

I HIGHLY recommend Destek 3D VR on Amazon. It's only a few more dollars than the Cardboard.

You plop your phone right in in (designed like Google cardboard to be used with your phone) but it is has a MUCH larger viewing area, clearer picture, and straps to your head so you don't have to hold it.

Anyway, there are some AWESOME coaster ride apps, as well as some Carnival Ride apps that REALLY make you feel like you are on it.

It's quite impressive what these people are coming up with.

With Destek 3D VR or Cardboard, you can pull up MANY Youtube 360 apps and look all around while watching. Youtube has REALLY improved the quality just in the last year. Really worth checking out if you haven't yet.

The above technology really has wanting to see how CP puts their announcement to good use. You can do A LOT with VR in making a person fee like you are there...but at the same time, a bad VR app can really lose the effect you might be going for.

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Lord Gonchar said:

I believe CP even sent out themed cardboard viewers in the kits for their upcoming announcement.

Yes they did. I don't know if all GC has a separation between the eyes, but the video cedar point released was done in stereoscope. Whereas, all the videos I have seen so far on the google cardboard app were not.

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