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Did anyone see that on TLC tonight? #28 was ride a rollercoaster. They showed Colouss and then X at Six Flags Magic Mountain in New Jersey. Yup they said New Jersey. They also showed Kingda Ka. Anyone catch this mistake?


Maybe they know something we don't. ;)
Only in my fantasies would Magic Mountain be in New Jersey.
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Fantasy? TWO crappily-run SF parks in the same state sounds more like a nightmare to me....

"Crappily?" Did I realy say that? ;)

Yes that stinking festering lake in NJ needs another Six flags on the other side of it. Then they can make a floating bridge between the two parks and sell the whole thing to Cedar Fair. ;)

Missed the show but I would take X in NJ. If and only if, they can run it properly.

Watch the tram car please....
I see that no matter how good great adventure gets people will just hate six flags for no reason.

Cedar fair could buy great adventure and make no improvements what so ever and people will autmoatically love the park.

This is what I hate about this particular board.

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^ LOL! I guess someone failed to read my recent treatise on GL and how CF seems to be "getting a pass" on the park?

Dividing the world up into "fanboys" and "haters" DOES make it easier to decipher good from evil....but it's a little too simplistic for any real comprehension.

Personally, I thought Paramount was the best of the chains if you were a guest. But their rides/maintenance left a LOT to be desired. Bottom line: Everyone has plus/minus, 'cept me....I'm ALL good...just ask me! ;)

^^ How good Great Adventure gets? How "good" has it really gotten? Sure, their ride inventory has improved in terms of coasters, but what else has improved?

Hating Six Flags for no reason? What about the increased prices, poor operations, less-than-satisfactory service, and multiple closed rides? Do these things count as "no reason"?

I realize that certain SF parks are run better than others, but SFGAdv is certainly not near the top of that list.

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I'll be the first to admit that Six Flags has problems, but it seems that hating on them has become "the" thing to do among coaster fans.

Saying "I hate Six Flags" to a bunch of enthusiasts is on the same token as going to the DNC and proclaiming how much you hate George W. Bush. It's all bandwagon stuff at this point.


Here is why they said that when you go to X and Colossus you step through some portal and you are transported to New Jersey


I cant believe you didnt know that

Raven-Phile said:

.....It's all bandwagon stuff at this point.

I don't disagree with you, but bandwagon or no, the reasons for feeling so are PLENTY :)

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First off my tongue was firmly planted in cheek as the smiley should have keyed you to. It was actually a shot at both SF and CF for their handling of GL. Both park chains have screwed up there.

Hate Six Flags for no reason? Ummmmmmmm I used to be a big GAdv supporter and it is/was my homepark, but this past season just made me see how bad things really are. I have backed off my support and will return when I hear good reports in mid summer.

Three hour waits with poor operations gets a bad review from me. Operating Flashpass at some rides like they do or should I say not operating it since they don't have an employee checking the people for their pass, strike 2. Then add the smoking in areas that are no smoking and the indifferent employee attitudes to line jumping, strike 3. Goodbye my cash will go elsewhere next season.

I have traveled around and seen parks run the way they should be and GAdv isn't one of them. Go to Kennywood, Dollywood, Hershey and tell me that Great Adventure is run like them? I won't even go the extra bit and mention new Denver Bronco QB Jay Cutler's childhood hometown park (hint he went to an Indiana High School) by name. Those are well run parks. I even say that CF doesn't run parks optimumly but does better than most SF parks. I don't bash unless the company deserves it.

See you all in the Land of Chocolate next year.

Watch the tram car please....

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