3 Yr Old Thrown From Techno Jump Carnival Ride


I can't seem to figure out how this happened? I have ridden this with my 3 year old daughter last year at the IX Indoor Amusement Park...who she also met the height Requirement.

At the IX center though they made her sit on the inside. It appears that the smallest one is on the outside here?

From what I also heard the girl is recovering nicely, but did suffer injuries.


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I submitted this to news a few days ago...

It's pretty shocking seeking that little girls legs flying up like that. I can see how it could happen. When I was a kid, my cousin and I were on the Scrambler at Camden Park, and he almost fell out. We told the ride operator to stop the ride so he could get off. That was just a scrambler. The Techno Jump looks to be more forceful.

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It said she was trying to climb out and as soon as she got up she went running to find her mom. Thankfully she's ok.

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