3 Parks, 9/14/18-9/16/18

Hit Cedar Point for the Friday night. My buddy got to finally conquer his fear of TTD by riding it as soon as they opened it. After that, we rode Magnum and then SV. Both are still in my top 5 there. As we were about to get on MF, I realized that I didn't have my car key. HOPED it was in the locker for SV. Of course, when I realized it was missing, CP started up the fog machines and then that huge amount of fog settled over the park. By the time roadside assistance got there, it was too late for me to enjoy the park, ESPECIALLY since he couldn't get into my car. I gotta say I'm pretty fortunate because a friend of mine in Detroit went to my apartment and drove a key to me through that insane amount of fog to get me my key at 3:30 am so we could continue the trip. While we waited for her, we hung out by the fire pits at Breakers. Very nice touch. Moral of the story: stuff flies out of buttoned cargo shorts, too.

Day 2 was Holiday World. This park is still in my top 5 and some days, I rank it higher than CP. The crowds were really light but, it was still warm and they had the water park open. Any other time I've gone when the water park was still open, the water coaster lines were always too long. Well, not that day. those 2 rides only had 15 minute waits and they were worth waiting for. I didn't realize that they would actually give airtime. They are awesome. CP should put one in where Sandcastle was. Of course, The Voyage was fantastic, as were their other coasters...such a great park considering what they build and what they give for so little cost to us. I highly recommend this park.

Day 3 was Kentucky Kingdom. I really like this park a lot. It's so cheap but so much fun. Lightning Run and Storm Chaser are so much fun. Michigan's Adventure needs their own version of Lightning Run. The water park there was also still open. That 120 foot trap door slide is still the scariest ride I've been on. Their water coaster isn't nearly as long as the ones at HW but the airtime on the one at KK is unbelievable. You really need to hold on. I think Kentucky Kingdom being closed ended up working out in our favor. Due to all of the painting they had to do, the park looks nearly brand new.

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