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(This is my first trip report posting ever, so I'll do my best to live up to other's standards. :))

I live in a small town called Mifflinburg, PA. Here in central Pennsylvania, there isn't much excitement; however, this week is the week of the Fireman's Carnival. Earlier, I had failed my driver's test and was having a rough day. Myself, my girlfriend and my parents decided to go grab a bite to eat Friday evening at the Carnival (which sucked, it was basically a field with about 5 rides and a lot of mud). Needless to say, we decided to forget the carny and head out to Knoebels for the night. Seeing as Knoebels is about 35-40 miles away from my house, it wasn't a big deal just to head over for the evening.

Now, on to the good stuff. We arrived around 7PM and were greeted by a 3/4-full parking lot. Not to worry though, the Knoebels parking lot compared to say, Cedar Point or any other Six Flags park is like comparing an orange to a watermelon. We drove around a little trying to find a space close to the entrance per se, of the park. We managed to locate a spot in section 3. Upon entering the park, I bought two $10 books of tickets for a price of $18. Not a bad deal!

My girlfriend and I decided to go over to Twister first. (I always ride Twister before the Phoenix, it's not as disappointing. ;)) We paid our $2 price and walked up the queue. Only a station wait, we grabbed a seat toward the back of the train with a 1-train wait. (On a Friday night in July no less!) Twister's a good ride, it's a little bumpier this year than I remember, but who says woodies are supposed to be smooth?

After getting off Twister, we headed over to the Phoenix. $1.60 a person isn't bad for the best (in my opinion) wooden coaster on the planet! We waited for the dream seat- car 1/seat 3/yellow train. What a great ride! The pitch-black tunnel is one of the coolest coaster elements I have ever seen. The top of the 85-foot lift came before we knew it, and off we went. This ride is nothing but speed throughout. The ride was howling, I think it has a better roar than any B&M coaster out there. **ducks** ;) I decided to count the pops of air, but only airtime in which I was completely off the seat. The total came to 15. Yes, that's right 15 complete pops of airtime. Whenever you have your lap flat against a single-position lapbar, that's good airtime. It doesn't matter how many times I've ridden it, I still feel like I'll fly out every time.

We decided to head to the nearby Log Flume, (my gf's favorite ride) which was about a 10-minute wait. This has always been one of my favorite log flumes, and has to have one of the steepest drops anywhere. Not much else to say, although its always fun to make funny faces for the camera.

The Haunted Mansion was next. I'd only ever been on this ride once in my entire life, and I've been going to Knoebels since I can remember. Walk on ride, and a good one too. I was half scared in it, and the surprise towards the end gets 'em every time. (I'm not going to explain it any more than that, for it might ruin it for others.)

I'm trying not to write a book here, really I'm not! After the Haunted Mansion we decided to nail a ride on the Scooters. We waited about 20 minutes. Believe it or not, Friday night was the first I have ever ridden them! Boy, did I learn quick what I've been missing... In my opinion, any bumper car ride that jars your back and gives you whiplash is a real ride. :)

A quick ride on the Cosmotron came soon after, then a ride on the Phoenix with my parents and a ride on the Pioneer Train. We still had a few tickets left, so my gf and myself rode Phoenix once more and my parents rode the new Scenic Skyway. At this point it was around 10 or so, so we decided to go home.

What driver's test? ;)

Whenever you can ride a roller coaster and experience 15 spots of intense airtime, you know you're on a good coaster. (see: Phoenix)

A fine report for a first time. Sounds like you had a great night. No Flyers?

Ask yourself; When was the last time YOU visited Conneaut Lake Park?

Thanks! You know, I've never been on the flyers. **ducks again** ;)

Whenever you can ride a roller coaster and experience 15 spots of intense airtime, you know you're on a good coaster. (see: Phoenix)
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