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Saturday, March 23, 2002 6:47 PM

The wife and I figured after our trip to SFFT last weekend we would head for SFoT this weekend. We arrived around noon to a fairly crowded park.

First stop: Titan: Still testing at the time. We returned after riding TG and were rewarded with a front row ride. This coaster really can work through some crowds, I was very impressed with its capacity. While I do enjoy this coaster I prefer airtime hypers as opposed to this forceful coaster. From the front the first drop and the turn out of the midcourse are just great though. The turn out of the midcourse on the front just leaves you hanging there, it was great.

Texas Giant: Finding Titan not open yet we hit TG while we were in the area. The line was all the way outside the line entrance area, and it took about 1:15 to get a back seat ride. I really love this coaster, especially the first drop, and the magic carpet ending. Being early in the day this ride wasn't as good as some I have had in the past, but still a lot of fun. After this ride Titan was open and we were able to get a ride on it.

Runaway Mountain: Next we headed for Runaway Mtn. because I remembered enjoying it the last time I rode it a couple of years ago. The wait was about an hour. This ride is short! There are some fun turns that surprise you with the dark, and I had a blast but the wait was just too long for the 30 seconds or so this coaster lasts. Also the brake was so strong it whipped both my wife and I's head into the headrest at the conclusion of the ride. Definitely had to take some Aleve after that.

Batman:TR: We next headed to Gotham City. We of course found Mr. Freeze to be closed for "Ride Improvements." I was looking forward to a ride on a B&M invert though, it had been a couple of months. The line was back to the Batmobile outside the fences so we knew it would be a long wait. About an hour and a half and we got a back seat ride. This coaster is a lot of fun for its small size. It just leaves we wanting it to last longer. Alpengeist spoiled me last year, and I hope to get to ride a custom invert again sometime soon.

Judge Roy Scream: We closed out the day with a ride on JRS. This coaster is very smooth, and the wait was short. I don't find this coaster to be very thrilling, but it is very picturesque out by the lake. In fact the lake was exceeding its bounds that day and had flooded the tunnel over to the coaster.

We skipped out on Flashback after riding Boomerang last week, and I decided to skip Shockwave after it has broken the last two times I rode it. I wasn't prepared to sit on the lift hill hoping for the coaster to move for the third time in a row. We tried to get a ride on La Vibora but the line was exceptionally long. The park had set up an extension to the queue using ropes and portable poles, and even that had filled up. Ashley and I decided that we didn't need to wait that long today, that we would catch it next time.

We tested the food today as well. We ate at the Gator Grill next to Runaway Mtn. The food was surprisingly good, but the service was terrible. Our very efficient (sarcasm on) server, Gilbert, managed to take 35 minutes to serve 3 people ahead of us, and about 10 minutes to handle our order for two. In SF defense he seemed to be an isolated slacker as the girl in the next line over helped about ten people in the time good ole Gil took care of us. I would recommend the burgers there if you have to eat in the park, but if you see Gilbert be sure to pick another line.

Well, overall we had a great day. We were happy that the majority of the coasters were open, and that we got to ride a variety, including a ride on the Mini Mine Train for the kid in us. We had been a little disappointed the week before at SFFT at the limited number of coasters open, but this made us feel better. We will probably take a couple of weeks off now, and hope that the Premier coasters open soon. On another note, does anybody know the status of Texas Tornado at SFAW? We were going to head down there soon, and I was just wondering if I can expect to get a ride on the G-Force king.

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