29-year old woman dies at Holiday World.

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A woman died after collapsing into a shallow pool at the Holiday World and Splashin' Safari theme park in Santa Claus, IN. Shortly after the park opened at 11:00am Wednesday, the 29-year old Fort Wayne woman was pulled by lifeguards out of the pool but did not revive. She pronounced dead after she was taken to Jasper Memorial Hospital. The cause of her death was not released nor was her name. She was standing at the edge of a wave pool that was only inches deep and she collapsed.


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She had a heart attack. Sad.

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My condolences to her and her family and to Holiday World. How sad. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone who was effected by this.

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That is so sad to hear. My prayers are with her family as well. :(


Very sad. My prayers are with her family and friends.

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29 is really young for a heart attack. Very sad though. Hasn't there been record heat out there these past few days?


^Not anything that isn't ordinary for this time of year.

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The entire Amusement park indusrty grieves. My condolences to her family.
Holiday World is a class act.look at the difference in responce between this and the Kentucky Kingdom incident ,Two employee's went with the boyfriend and took him home at the end of the day.That shows they care about their guests. *** Edited 7/6/2007 3:44:38 PM UTC by kevin38***
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Not to get off topic but two employees of SFKK went with the girl to the hospital, at which point her parents asked them to leave. Many news articles mentioned this fact. Sure, we all prefer HW over SFKK but let's not paint an unfair picture in this case.

As for the young woman who passed at Holiday World, my condolences to her family, friends, and also to the park staff as I know they care deeply about their guests.

How tragic! This is an eye opener for me because I'm 29. Reading about this here is the first I've heard of this.

My condolences to her family.

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

Had a friend who had a heart attack a couple weeks back. ONly 37. It wasn't even heart diseese but a heart defect that came to light.

Luckily he's got no restrictions and meds to keep him normal now :)

As for HW, My thoughts are with the family of the woman and the staff at HW.

Sadly, When you deal with over a million people a year, Your going to see a bunch of stuff you have no control over.



Not to get off topic either but the drive from Holiday World to Fort Wayne is about 4 1/2 - 5 hrs. Would SFKK really go THAT far?? Not painting an unfair picture, just pointing out the facts...

Still, incredibly sad to hear this story. It's very unfortunate that this sort of thing happens. You just can't take life for granted.

Huh? She was sent to a hospital in LOUISVILLE.
“We had two of our directors who spent the day with him and drove him back to Fort Wayne,” she [Paula] said.
Very sad, but let's be honest -- it just so happened she was at the park when this happened. She could just as easily have been walking her dog or folding her laundry, in which case this wouldn't have come anywhere near our attention.

Not to belittle the loss, but pointing out facts.

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Konstantine said:

Not to get off topic either but the drive from Holiday World to Fort Wayne is about 4 1/2 - 5 hrs. Would SFKK really go THAT far?? Not painting an unfair picture, just pointing out the facts...

How did this get to a "Which park cares more" thing, ANY park that is willing to go with them shows they care, they could just do nothing, they really don't have to. I think if they COULD have gone that far, who knows they would have. This is still very tragic, so young, my condolences to the family and friends. *** Edited 7/7/2007 1:40:49 AM UTC by ***

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