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Wednesday, June 13, 2001 7:04 AM
Ohio is still THE place for not only the quantity of Roller Coasters but also the QUALITY of the Coasters. My recent annual pilgrimage to Cedar Point this last weekend held a new surprise...my first visit to SFWOA!
I want to start off with one complaint. The infrastructure of the area really needs to be modified to accommadate such a world Class park. The roads and signage are inadequate for the amount of traffic that this park is and will be seeing. The location is beautiful, but widening access roads and better signs on where to turn etc have to be installed!
Six Flags World of Adventure is truly awesome and an amusement park in every sense of the word. The structure with the park built around a lake and one side having rides and the other a Marine world was just fantastic. For those of you that live in the area and call this park home, you should indeed count yourself lucky.
We started off by arriving an hour before the gate opened. We were second in line. They opened the park early and everyone( of course) gravitated to the roped off area to enter the land of X Flight. Again I was first in line. When they finally released the rope (after a warning that anyone that ran was going to be ejected from the park) the wailing rioting throng broke forth in a rampant mass. Eject people from the park? Yeah right, that was gonna happen. My partner and I WALKED, thank you very much. I have always prided myself on following the rules. We werent on the first train of X Flight, but we were on the second. So even following the rules, we still had no wait.
This is an awesome ride. Yes, the harness is a bit uncomfortable, but who cares for such a new and different experiance. This was definitly the way to start out the day.
I wish I could say the same about Superman the Ultimate Excape. There was no line, it was a walk on. I was apprehensive, since I had no experiance with a LIN roller Coaster. When we set off I almost crapped my pants. Then on the way down, something went wrong. The motors apparently did not work right. They stopped the cars, and after a few minutes restarted the ride. Again, I was already apprehensive, but this really made me terrified! The rest of the ride apparantly went perfect and everyone (except me) had a great time. Please try this ride. I have an inherint fear of heights, and this just is not the right kind of ride for me. My friend thought it exceptional.
After that experiance I felt it was time for something more traditional, so on over to the Big Dipper. Again, walk right on! What a refreshing fun ride after my last terror filled experiance. Great views of the lake and fun air filled jumps. Thank god this coaster was preserved.
From here we walked over to the other side of the park to Serial Thriller! Still walked right on! We sat in the first car since that is always the preference in an inverted and began the trip on this incredible track. I had heard that the ride was rough and that was accurate. However, this inverted coaster was still lots of fun and we ended up riding it twice.
From the thriller to the killer, Raging Wolf Bobs. My primary interest in this coaster was something I had read about it being a carbon Copy of the Bobs from the old Riverview park that used to be in Chicago. Again, this coaster didnt dissappoint, albeit the ride was a bit rough. The location is also excellent since you cant see all of the ride so there is surprises a plenty. We took a quick trip to the Road Runner express, then took the back walk way through the trees to the Marine World Side for an early Lunch. We browsed through the wonderful shops and exhibits and ate at Swampwater Jacks. The chicken fajitas were great but the beef were rather dry. We didnt waste too much time here since we were on a mission. Ride them Coasters! We left Marine World via the pontoon bridge and through the frontier town to ...... the villain!
Great wooden coaster, nothing fancy, nothing overly impressive, but fun none the less. Hey, lets face it, not every coaster can be phenomenal!
We had one coaster left, and in this case I do believe we saved the best for last.....Batman, Knight Flight!
Ok folks, there was a wait for this one. About a half hour. We almost skipped it, I hate waiting in line! Thank god my friend insisted. We were in the third seats and my god this coaster rocks!!!! Smooth, excellent speed and drops and my god..... they built the darn thing right on top of the lake!! If the wait hadnt been so long, we would have ridden again. I dont know if this coaster made the top ten steel list, but it has my vote. It was now 1:30...time to leave. We had a short drive ahead of us to Sandusky Ohio...Cedar Point.... The top rated amusement park in the world. (to be continued)

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