2014-08-08 & 09 - Kings Island (BeastBuzz)

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

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AC Drives are capable of providing very precise and repetitive positioning and acceleration / deceleration. This would be much more accurate than either an eddy current braking system or mechanical brakes. The downside being the cost is much higher than either eddy current brakes or mechanical brakes.

Also, when applying force in the opposite direction of motion, the drive actually converts the mechanical energy of the device moving into electrical energy. Depending on the specific application, this is either burnt off as heat in a big resistor, or is placed back onto the input power line with a regeneration unit.
In an application where a regeneration unit is utilized, the power produced would be utilized by other electrical devices on the same line and would lessen the electric bill. In some situations, this is a huge upside to the customer since it could be a huge cost saver on the electric bill.

I do not know if a regeneration unit was utilized on Superman Ultimate Escape, but it was fully controlled with the LIM, including deceleration and creeping to the stop position.
Here is a video where the deceleration and creeping may be seen from about 2:35 :

I have not ridden Vertical Velocity, but it doesn't make sense to add eddy current brakes when the LIM is already there... (Do you have a video of the eddy current brakes coming down?) My only guess without knowing more is the eddy current brakes are a secondary brake used along with the LIM as a brake, perhaps to either lesson the current through the braking resistor, or the regenerative unit.

Here is a Video of Vertical Velocity, is this the correct ride?

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