2014-06-19&20 - Holiday World

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My wife and I did our yearly outing to Holiday World on Thursday and Friday in mid-June this year, Holiday World is our favorite park!

First I have to note the negative: On Thursday, although the park looked clean, most of the garbage cans smelled horrible! This was the whole day, not just in the evening after the sun had been out all day, the cans smelled horrible first thing in the morning when we first arrived before the rides were operating! In previous trips, there was always one or two that smelled bad, but on Thursday, it was almost every can.

On Friday morning, the horrible smell was gone. I don't know if the bags were changed Thursday night, or if the cans were washed out, but whatever the case, I would suggest whatever was done Thursday night is done more often to prevent this horrible smell from occurring again.

Now on to the positives:

As always, the rides are awesome! We rode all the water rides and most of the dry rides on Thursday and enjoyed them all! We returned Friday and had a more relaxing day, but still rode many of the rides. Raven and Legend were both running one train, but Voyage was running two trains most of both days which made the line move quickly. I didn't notice this previously and I can't say when this occurred, the Voyage trains are now one car shorter than originally designed. The que line for the old rear seat is now blocked off and behind what is now the rear seat.

The shows are awesome! I love the 80's Rewind musical show, the performers are very talented! However, I must say the mixing was very poor. The music was way too loud and often drowned out the singing, and sometimes it seemed the mic was not even turned on. We watched this show on both Thursday and Friday and the sound mixing was horrible on both days. I would really like to see the show when the sound is properly mixed! I remember last year thinking it was not mixed well, but not as bad as this year and I don't remember any mixing issues from the Vinyl Daze show which I also greatly enjoyed.

I also love the Dive Show! (This is my wife's favorite show.) The divers are great and I also love the way they make it a fun comedy while performing great dives! This year seemed to shorten the history of diving through the decades and seemed to spend more time in the freestyle / comedy section which I enjoyed. I also think this is the second year with the new pool of only 13 feet deep?! That is crazy diving from such heights into this pool, but it makes for an exciting show! (FWIW, there was a sound issue here in the middle of the show where the audio started clipping, then it got better and quit clipping after a minute or two.)

Free beverages is also a plus that I wish more parks would adopt! It helps prevent dehydration and keeps everyone happy!

The Holiday World employees always seem happy and seem to enjoy their job. It makes me think management really appreciates and takes care of their employees at Holiday World. Keep up the great work everyone!

Anyway, I can't wait till my next trip to Holiday World!

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So horrible smelling garbage is about to become a CoasterBuzz meme. Get in on the ground floor while you can.

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If they charged for Pepsi maybe they could afford to have someone clean the garbage cans.


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They should make the garbage cans smell like popcorn, so they could sell more Pepsi.

I think SuperPoser has an extremely good sense of smell. Maybe he's learned how to smell so well by hanging with HoliDog. ;-)

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Mentioning garbage can smell in two separate trip reports... I think he's punking us.

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Or he cares. A lot.

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