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I am gonna be taking a long 8 day amusement park trip this Spring.I just needed some advice on which park is better since I have limited time.I have to choose between Six Flags Great America or Valley Fair in Minnesota?Can someone help me out?

Well Great America kind of stinks, it is just like Six Flags America (if you've ever been there), which is not a good thing. Rides are usually closed, park is dirty, lack of security, etc. Somewhat typical Six Flags flaws. Now I've never been to Valley Fair, but it does seem fun and it looks nice.


I agree Parker.Six Flags america is an armpit of a park,but they do have Superman and Batman.Batman is the best Flying coaster I have ever been on.It is way better than Superman at Six Flags Great Adventure.That waterpark is also terrible at Six Flags America!!! They need to tear that whole thing down and start over.

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You guys must have gone to a different park. I like Six Flags Great America, and comparing it to that dump near DC is doing it a disservice.

Neither parks is "better." It just depends on what you want out of a park. So do the research and make a decision for yourself.

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