2004 in a nutshell

With all seasonal parks closed, what does everyone think about how 2004 went? Successful or not?

I think it was a great year, got some good new coasters, parks are booming. I think it is overshawdowed by all the announcements for '05, which is going to be a banner year for the industry IMO.

So all in all, your thoughts and opinions on '04.

2004 in my point of view...

Disney: time to grow up-2004 was the mid-mark of what seems to be Disney's "growing-up" phase. Major new attractions were started, finished, or reached major step points in 2004 most centering around a more "thrilling" theme. Rides that come to mind-TOT @ DCA opened, Everest @ DCA saw a huge spurt in construction with most of the track installed, Typhoon Lagoon began its new Master blaster waterslide, Soarin' saw most of its construction this year, and the parks FINIALLY realized it was time to do something with the 20k Leagues Lakes.

Universal: time to get off our butts-considering the last few years didn't see too much at any of the Universal parks, yet in 2004 both Mummy coasters opened and both Shrek 4-D movies opened.

Cedar Fair: time to remove and remodel-Dorney removed Hercules and replaced it with Hydra, WOF removed Orient Express and replaced it with it's spinning mouse coaster, Knotts did a lot of shifting and adjusting to squeeze in Silver Bullet, and Cedar Point remodeled their Radisson hotel and the campground.

Paramount: time to switch things up-PKD built their first ride in a while aimed specifically towards kids, PGA switched their flying coaster for a water park, Carowinds switched a ferry boat ride for a flying coaster, and PKI completely switched the theme of their water park.

Hershey: time to step things up-with Dutch Wonderland firmly secured as the "chains" kids park, Hershey FINIALLY built a fairly extreme coaster and announced an equally intense coaster for 2005.

Six Flags: time to rethink things-SFI finally realized that customer service is important and spent a lot of money to retrain their staff (you can argue whether it was effective or not). They also realized that bigger does not necessarily mean better and that themeing can add a lot to a ride or a section of the park...

So what will the figures say in the end? 2004 was still an overall weak year for the industry. However, there will be a few parks that really made a turn this year for the better and will see LARGE increases in attendance. On the other hand, there will be a few parks that had a very bad year and will see large decreases in attendance. *** Edited 11/9/2004 1:38:05 AM UTC by Coaster Lover***

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

I think "time to rethink things" has sadly become the mantra for every year.
Damn, you mean there were some places only open for a "week" this year? Honestly, how can someone possibly have that much bad word use in one post? Geez, some people are fooled way too easily by similar sounds and spellings.

But enough of the tired English teacher thing ...

I'll agree with whoever said '05 will be the banner year. I think it'll be the return to the numbers of the early '00s when the coaster wars were booming. People are starting to go back to work, money's freeing up, and with Sandusky moving more and more towards the "Orlando of the North", I think '05's gonna be fun!

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Granted, not all parks have annouced next year's additions but so far there are only 25 new coasters on the dock for next year, of which only two are wood [and only one of those is new].

I don't see 2005 as banner year in terms of total number of coasters built. Rather, I see it as a year in which the few coasters that open have impressive stats [Kingda Ka, SheiKra, Hades] and/or interesting and unique layouts [Hydra, Hades, SheiKra, Powder Keg, and heck even Silver Bullet].


Not to mention that WOF will annouce 2006 soon I bet as soon as they annouce everything about 2005. OE was not replaced by SD. SD replaced the old Fins and Flippers show Arena.


its in the woods.........
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I don't think 2005 will live up to 2000. No other year, in mu opinion, produced as many great rides as the year that rang in the new millennium. I like what I see so far with Hydra, Silver Bullet, and Hades, but we need a new Giavanola hyper bad. BAD. We also need a new B&M flyer. I don't know how Zamperla took over the flying coaster market, but they did. I am glad that 2 B&Ms are on the way, and even more happy that they are both original. But I want more. Again, I want another Giavanola hyper, and another Intamin hyper while I'm at it.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones


Who cares what you want? I want 8,000 gigas to be built, but it will never happen, hell, it's doubtful that more then 2 gigas will be built in the same year again.

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

I'll take another giga when one can prove to be better than something 208' tall. ;)


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Dangit Danny...you make it so tempting to reply with a joke but I'm bahaving. Oh well, I suppose you could figure out what I'd say anyway ;)
Actually I believe 99 had more coasters built than in 2000. But 2000 was still the year b/c most rides that did open where record breakers MF. SD2000, Golioth, Superman Ultimate escape, Son of Beast, Superman ride of steel oh man the list just goes on!

Hopefully 05 wont be a one year wonder but a sign of many good things to come.

As of 04 could of been better but companies seemed to be fine tunning things a bit more.

One last note with all these new rides due to open in 05 their is no excuse for discovery and other T.V. channels to not air any new roller coaster shows. *** Edited 11/9/2004 1:54:31 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01***

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

Impulse-ive said:
...and with Sandusky moving more and more towards the "Orlando of the North", I think '05's gonna be fun!

I think that Cedar Point was a nice amusement park, but I don't see it as an Orlando in the making, where there are multiple, different, fantastic parks all really close. Attendance figures speak too, many people prefer to go down there still, and I dont think that Castaway Bay will improve the park's status that much.

2004 was ok, but I think 2005 is going to be a HUGH year. Almost ever major park is getting a new coaster, a new ride, or getting a major rennovating.

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I don't think anyone is saying that 05 will have alot of coasters, but look @ the coasters that are coming:

Of the 25 announced coasters here are some stats-

  • We're getting anothe X-Car coaster with an actual layout. These are new, and so far this will be 2 of the somewhat radically different coasters
  • The one woody so far announced is looking hopeful. It will spend more time underground that most, looks to have a great layout, and just has a freakin cool name
  • Of the 2 confirmed rockets and 1 other possible @ Alton Towers, no rocket has yet to be an exact clone. The near clone we're getting next year is still higher, faster, and has a bunny that the origional record breaker didn't have.
  • Powder Keg is a totally new take on the Thrust Air coasters. It has 2 launches, a decent looking layout, and a backwards/forwards launch into the woods. Looks sweet!
  • Finally getting both a Screaming Squirrl and a Frequent Faller.
  • Looks like only 4 clones so far for next year (I may be off 1 or 2), and 2 of those clones are brand new layouts for next year, with incredible themeing.
  • Finally, we're getting a Dive Machine in the US (looks like my Hershey Prediction last year was a year off and a little too far north...), that looks absolutely amazing, and is totally different than the other 2 clones.
  • Hydra. JoJo roll. Different Layout. Nuff' said.

Twenty-Five new coasters listed, 2 relocations, less than 5 clones, and quite a few new layouts and concepts. Japan is getting a Space Mountain, and and the origional is getting a makeover. I think it looks like a High quality year, which, to me, is always better than a High numbers year.

Not only that, but water parks are expanding, thats a good thing (and with a few unannounced yet), some major parks are getting flats, be it new, used, or different, and there's still alot more to go. Thirteen out of 18 Six Flags parks are getting something, and we've only heard so far from 3 of those officially, and of the 3, 2 are getting coasters (SFGAdv, and SFM), and one is getting a long overdue waterpark(complain all you want, it was needed.).

So far, I'm happy:).

So does that mean if your name isn't Hugh you can't go to a park in '05? Or do people named Hugh just get discounts? I need to find a British friend ...

We could have more Gio hypers, but then again, parks want to *attract* customers, not drive them away ...

Way to be all analytical Tekno ;) I think ShIkrA (or whatever the heck it is) is going to be the runaway hit of the season - it just looks so intense! Much agreed on quality over quantity.

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Clint...Brett...not only do I agree with you, I agreed with you yesterday. Check my first post in this thread...LOL ;)


Yeah but who pays attention to you anyways?


Mamoosh said:
Granted, not all parks have annouced next year's additions but so far there are only 25 new coasters on the dock for next year, of which only two are wood [and only one of those is new]... I don't see 2005 as banner year in terms of total number of coasters built.

Agreed. Unless Six Flags starts adding multiple coasters to multiple parks (as they did when they were "flagging" parks left and right), it is doubtful that the number of new coasters for 2005 will equal that of 1999 or 2000.

What I DO see are some fairly interesting designs. Italian Job looks to be a fairly cool launched coaster, resembling a Schwarzkopf speedracer more than Premier's FoF coasters. Powder Keg sounds pretty cool. Hyrda looks to have a great layout. BGT is getting a Dive Machine that is actually a full-fledged coaster. And Hades... what more can pictures say?

There will probably be more announcements (perhaps even another one or two wood coasters) but I think the theme of the 2005 season will be quality, not quantity.

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+Danny said:
I'll take another giga when one can prove to be better than something 208' tall. ;)

Meh, I've yet to ride a Strata- maybe next year in Joisey....

But based on my personal preferences, NOTHING could be better than that monstrosity on the Connecticut River...why do ya think R:UE is an Intamin hyper....and I don't see THAT one on rcdb anywhere...:)

Gates...me konfuzed!.. R:UE....what ride is that??

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