2 times to SFGAm - 5/30/03

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On my way into work today, I deceided I needed to clear my mind a bit... what better way to do that then a few coasters? Got there around 11am and noticed they were doing some new (or at least new to me) parking situation. For an extra $5, you can get preferred parking near the front. Only thing I dont like about this is it makes the park seem more crowded on the drive in. Being a school day, there were an over-abundance of jr. high & high school kids at the park so I headed straight to the back and got in line for Eagle. Waited about 10 minutes & hopped in the first open row I saw. After all, I was cutting into work time by taking a sidetrack a bit up north. I was able to catch 1 lap on Demon (10 minute wait) before I had to jump back in my car and head to my jobby-job.

After work, I convinced my girlfriend it was a necessaty to take a trip back up to SFGAm (after all, there were thunderstorms in the forcast). We got there around 630pm & saw hordes of people streaming from the park to the busses to the south. We skipped RB & all the others on the way to Eagle again due to lines and my unwanting to wait anymore.

Eagle was a walkon and rode a couple laps. The ride-ops there were great letting anybody stay on & even finding rows for people. After the 2 laps, we walked over to V2 but it was down so we continued onto Batman. At this point, the sky changed and it started to sprinkle a bit. From here on out, each ride we heard the "..we might close this ride due to weather message.." Batman was a walk-on and we got 1 lap in. The crew here was a tad bit slow & making every one go around the line again. After the bat, we noticed V2 was up & strode over there as the rain picked up a bit. Waited 2 trains for the front (mainly cuz my girlie has never been on the front) and got her pissed at me cuz the rain (she HATES front-row, needle-rain rides). After V2, we walked to the exit and couldnt pass up a ride on S:UF. S:UF being the main reason for this TR.. the ride opps were horrible. They were stacking every single train. I didnt care too much as we were on in 1 train, but it was just dissapointing after the great job they were doing at the coasterbuzz event. After getting off, we heard the horrible announcement "This ride has temp. ceased opperation due to the weather." This was also when the enormous storm rolled in and we rolled out.

All in all, it was a decent day for my riding.. I can't re-ride too much as my girlfriend hasnt caught the feaver as I have yet. 3 eagle, 1 demon, 1 batman, 1 v2 & 1 S:UF

Too bad about the Superman ride ops and Batman ones, when I went Memorial Day weekend they both were up to CP type excellence.

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My wife and I went yesterday as well. We got there about 6:15 (after eating dinner at Subway) and went back to RB. It's been almost a year since we'd been on it (didn't have season passes last year). I was able to get 1:4 and my wife took 1:3. That ride certainly never loses its charm!

Then, with the sky starting to get REAL dark, we decided to meander over to Superman. We looked at the sky, and then looked at the line, and looked at the sky again, and decided to go for it. We walked in, and didn't stop walking until half way up the stairs for the front row. NO LINE to speak of. We still waited for about 10-15 minutes for the front row. Second time we'd been on that one, but first time for front (couldn't beat the line). Smooth and intense (especially in the rain). Right after we got off the ride, we saw a few bolts of lightning in the area, and a few minutes later, the ride was shut down.

I still say that days with a 40-60% chance of rain are the best to go, especially if you have SP's.


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The part you said about the jr. high kids being there, well for sure The seniors at our high school went for the day. They all were saying it was a crappy day because of the weather. Oh well, sounded like you had fun. SUF ride ops stacked the trains a lot on most days I went to. That's not uncommon and I am not suprised by that fact at all. :)

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I thought the crews for both Batman and Superman were fine yesterday. Batman was a walk-on, and Superman was tolerable with a 30 minute wait. The park really cleared out as soon the clouds rolled in. We got there at 3 and to be honest, I was really expecting a sticky situation regarding crowds... I was pleasantly surprised.

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I was there on the 30th too. Vertical Velocity's launch feels so pathetic after Top Thrill Dragster...but it was still fun...

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