1st trip to SFGADV - July 11, 2002

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Well the day started off a little slow, I was staying out in a house on the Jersey shore for a week, getting up late, going to the beach, relaxing all day, well today we had to get up a bit earlier, and that didn't go over well.

Left the shore about 8:30 - expected hour and a half drive to get to the park, after some traffic, waiting in construction for ½ hour.......arrived at the park a little before 11.

Waited in line to purchase our tickets, the guy running this particular ticket booth was RETARDED! If you happened to be there and went through the ticket booths, it was the one furthest to the right. We honestly waited for 20 minutes when there were 2 groups of people in front of us. It was ridiculous - not a good start to the day.

Got in the park and followed the advice of fellow buzzers of where to go first, so it was off to B&R Chiller.

Chiller - Batman side only open - Wait: 1 hour - Ride ops - retarded, guess I shouldn't have grown up at CP...the ops were considerably slow at loading and launching the train. Ride itself, great experience, was a little shaky, but still fun. Rating - 7

After that it was time for lunch, while eating right by Batman The Ride we noticed they had started running empty trains, so we knew what that meant! We got some fries and went to stand in line.

Batman The Ride - Wait: 10 minutes - waited about 8 minutes for the front gate to open, hopped on 2nd train out, pretty nice ride, nothing impressive, been on it before at Great America. Rating - 7

Then it was around to Nitro, I was very excited for this ride.

Nitro - Wait: 15 minutes - The park obviously put their best ride ops at Nitro, otherwise the wait would have been poo long, but it moved along pretty well. We sat in the middle, we knew we would be able to jump on again so we weren't too worried about where we sat. I was expecting this ride to be just like Raging Bull.......no. It started bad when I had my restraint just 1 click up from squeezing me to death, good position, good airtime.......or so I thought, the op came along and pushed it all the way down. Poo on him. The drop was nothing special, the Bull is definitely better, after that the bunny hills proved to be some nice fun, nice and smooth ride, still not as good as RB. Rating - 8.5

Skull Mountain - Wait: 15 minutes - a nice small cool down, I had NO idea what this ride was supposed to be like, it started out okay, was kind of fun being in the dark, but then we just started jerking around and hitting each other and the sides of the car, still kind of fun though....Rating - 5.5

Medusa - Wait: 45 minutes - I was very excited for this ride too, as I knew it would be great, the wait was bad, it was hot and sunny and just never seemed to end. Good idea with the "Top 10 ways to kill time" signs posted......although the dog barking and race car noises did start to get annoying. The whole ride was kind of a blur, I was trying to enjoy is so much b/c I knew we wouldn't get on again, that I kind of lost sight of what I was doing. All in all though it was a great ride. Rating - 9

Rolling Thunder - Wait: 10 minutes - okay so I knew this wasn't going to be a great coaster as there was 1 lap bar for 2 people, but the 1st drop was a teensy bit fun, after that though.....AHHH!!!! This ride was terribly rough and really needs some work, bad screeching and shaking, fix up this ride or get it out of there. Rating - 4

Back to Nitro, rode in the back, same 15 minute wait, a little better, not much though, still an 8.5

By this time we were tired, I know it sounds soon as it was only 5:00, but the 12 hour drive out to Jersey, the long week we already had, and the getting up early that day had us wore out.

I had no intention to ride Viper or Runaway Train, skipped those.

Great American Scream Machine gave me shivers......all I kept thinking was "Shockwave - death - Shockwave - death" needless to say I stayed away from GASM. Too tired to find any good flat rides, just wanted to go.

Now time to talk a little bit about the park itself.

Let's start with parking - $10.00! No, just no. Not even worth it for that POS parking lot, all I could think of was that they knew they could screw us so they did. Luckily, my parents just dropped us off and then they left and we didn't have to pay for parking.

Moving on to the admission fee - $48.75! Holy poo and a half! That is ridiculous! All I kept thinking of again was they knew they could screw us. I mean you can go to CP, pay less for parking, less for the park itself, and still ride better coaster's and experience a better park. I mean obviously that is just my opinion, but i think it is a pretty good opinion. Good thing I had about a Scooby Doo CD w/ a $7.00 coupon, that saved us $14.00 on admission, BTW Scooby Doo rocks! If you haven't got to see the movie, it is great for adults and kids, quality time.

Park cleanliness - 1, just 1, 1 what you may ask? 1 sweeper, yes just 1, that is ALL I saw the whole day, I mean obviously there were more, and maybe I just happened to not see them, but I thought it was pretty pathetic as the park was littered with cigarettes and trash and nobody was picking it up.

Park employees - sorry if somebody here works at SFGADV or is a big fan of these people, but the people there just flat out suck. Maybe as I said before I am a little to used to CP hospitality, but the park employees might as well have wore a sign that said "I'm Retarded" I know doing this stuff all day everyday would get very annoying, but guess what, life is not fair, deal with it.

I think these employees need to take a field trip one day to Cedar Point and learn something from the employees there.

Final park rating - 7

2½ plusses for Nitro / Medusa / Chiller

4 negatives for park itself

I know that doesn't equal a 7, but hey, give me a break. I just made a tons of fun drive back home from Jersey. Whoever invented Pennsylvania needs to be shot, sitting in the back of a 4 door truck from the South Jersey shore to Lansing, Michigan just doesn't equal fun. Back to talking about PA, that state never ended, I swore I was going to open the window and just jump out. Too bad I didn't have an ice pick, I would have jammed it through my eye.

I know I have lots more to write about my trip to this park but I can't remember now, time for bed, night night.

Welcome back riders, how was your ride...Enjoy your day, here at Cedar Point, America's roller coast.

I heard good reviews from people until someone who goes to CP go to this park. It is like everytime someone from CP go to another park they think the park is wack and compares it with CP and try to make it look better. If CP is so much better than stay there.

One thing I have to say.. Do not compare the park and its rides to other parks and similar rides. It seems as if you were so fixated on comparing Nitro to Raging Bull that you just didnt enjoy it. And you completely skipped GASM because you compared it to Shockwave. Yes, they ARE almost indentical, but it doesnt mean that they have the same ride experiences.

And you constantly compared the employees and general park atmosphere to Cedar Point. Put all your other experiences behind you and just enjoy the day. Afterall, thats what an amusement park is there for, to have a great day.

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Well even though I did probably do too much comparing to CP and Raging Bull.....this park was still in need of work, even if I'd never been to CP.....Great Adventure just seemed a little like it didn't care about itself. $58.00 to walk through a littered park w/ not as much to offer as a cheaper park.....I could pay $30.00 and go to MIA to do that, and probably have a better time.

It's kind of hard to go to a park and forget about other parks perks and just enjoy it, you can try, but it's not totally avoidable.

Something I forgot to mention in my TR........I forgot to mention the Retard of the Day.

*Retard of the Day*

Person 1 - "Why isn't the Robin side open on Chiller?"

Person 2 - "They can't open both sides at once because both trains run on the same track."

Welcome back riders, how was your ride...Enjoy your day, here at Cedar Point, America's roller coast.

What do you mean not as much to offer. Last time I checked MA had a really good woodie and thats all. SFGrAdv has 3 beemers, all excellent, a unique launch ride.Some of the best flats around and is alot bigger than MA. It seems like you were stuck on not having a good time because you are fixated on Cedar Point. I know I always have an excellent time at SFGrAdv. Also please do not use the word retarded, I find it offensive.

When I went there, and was just a wee coaster fan, I rode Rolling Thunder and hated it as well. After the drop I had to hold on for dear life. I hated every second of it. To make it even worse, it was dark so I couldn't see!

Batman the Ride was my first looping coaster, and I hope to go back and ride it again, I loved it. I also want to try Nitro, Medusa, Chiller, and more!!

Sounds like you had some fun, better than sitting around! Good TR!

Drop Oup at PKD in 2003!
OoOoOo...Rolley Coaster!

Sorry you didn't like it that much. Its my home park and I love it.


Rolling Thunder - Wait: 10 minutes - okay so I knew this wasn't going to be a great coaster as there was 1 lap bar for 2 people,

Ok, so how does one lap bar for two people let you know that it's a bad coaster? Some of my favorite woodie rolling stock use the old buzz bars, which I like because they can't drop down on you to restrict airtime. Also, they are easier for ops to check, and it only takes one op to check them. If only more coasters used buzz bars . . . maybe certain coasters would be higher on my top ten list. But, Rolling Thunder is not a good ride in its currect state. The left side is better, though, IMO.



Holy Poo I am sorry if I compared Great Adventure to CP.......I didn't know it was illegal.

Everyone seems to think I HATED the park.......but I gave my rating as a 7, I don't think that constitutes hate.

I just think compared to what it COULD BE, the park doesn't stand up to itself.

Welcome back riders, how was your ride...Enjoy your day, here at Cedar Point, America's roller coast.

Who says holy poo? I mean seriously ;)

The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Nobody says holy poo, that is why I say it.

Welcome back riders, how was your ride...Enjoy your day, here at Cedar Point, America's roller coast.

I've said this a million times but park wise Six Flags Great Adventure is the worst! While the park is in a nice forest setting but the trash and graffiti (and gum walls) and just horrible. The customer service SUCKs. In my opinion all of the walkways should be replace with white cement or at least black top. The amount of flat rides that are down is always in the double digits. Although most of the ride ops are decent. The only reason I visit the park so much is because of they have one of the best collection of coasters and ride in the country.

I was at the park last week and didn't really think the park was very dirty. True, a lot of the flat rides were down, but not in the double digits.

That said, it was the sports festival so you'd think they would do their best to keep most of the rides operating.

It has a few good coasters, namely The Chiller but that was about it. Nitro was a disapointment IMO, and I didn't ride Medusa because of a long line.

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