17 Days in Viva Las Vegas

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This trip was my largest one to date. It even warranted me to skip IAAPA for the first time since 1996. The first night was spent about 50 yards from the Desert Inn implosion. 10/10.

First attraction was Speed. Its $10 a launch, no double rides again. The all day pass is $20. Great Blackjack action on the tables. They have a $50 buy in for $40. It was worth my time.

The new led display at Freemont Street is incredible. Its like a Sony Jumbotron that is 4 blocks long. It will be awesome to see the Superbowl on it. I recorded 2 of the shows.

As my trip calander reports, I spent some time at Adventuredome. Did Canyon Blaster twice. Its still in prime shape, but the transistions are a bit rougher, but hey, the ride is about 13 years old. 8/10. Rim Runner was fabulous. They didn't seat anyone in the front row, which was a blessing with the water that overflowed the hood several times. 8/10.

I was bummed that the IMAX Funhouse was advertised, but they were showing Dino Island.4/10. I also did the new Chance Sling Shot. It takes forever for one person to load and unload the ride. You know, its your new ride, every kids from the SoCal area is in for the holidays, and you just should have at least 2 operators there. 4/10.

I also won a 3 foot tall Christmas Grinch. Like I am going to lose a race game to those kids. A note to Jeff, the Dome has $2 drafts by the bumper cars.

Got the Stratosphere package with the Big Shot. Cardholders get $3 off the deal. I rode facing the Strip, and this guy from Nebraska was on for the first time. He was speechless until the third bounce. 9.5/10. Basically, unless you have rode this S&S, you really are riding kiddie rides. This is the "big rides".

Now for the adults, here is the rest of the rundown, divided into 2 categories.


Flamingo $5 slots, sports book, hot tubs, FU sweatshirts, African Penguins who break wind at sundown, and Margaritaville. MGM's Rainforest Cafe.

Luxor $1 slots. California Sports Book. Fremont seafood buffet and $1 slots. Tropicana's $1.50 Margaritas, Aladdin's Thanksgiving buffet, and Sinbad's bar in the middle with football games on the projection screens.

Key Largo meatloaf, LV Hilton's Benihanna, Frontier's mud wrestling, AND bikini bull riding. (there is a God). Gold Coast's buffet, and the $17 lunch buffet at the Mirage. Casino Royale's Outback has a better view of the Mirage volcano than the Mirage itself. BlackJack at Circus Circus, and $2 Coronas and $1 Heinekens proved to be very popular at Slots of Fun. Mandaly Bay's House of Blues is worth a trip.

I still believe the Stardust can do no wrong. Great $1 slots, great food, great sportsbook, and a good time watching security guards rough up some California boys in the parking lot. Good times. Extremely kudos goes to the Peppermill across the street. Go there now and eat. Do it.


Mandalay Bay $1 slots. Bally's sportsbook, which is overcrowed on Sundays with old farts making $2 horse bets. Excalibur just has too many kids inside. Terrible's black jack tables, and all the action in the Bellagio. All in all, a fine trip. I will be back in January.

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Why the beer comment for me? I don't mind spending money on beer if the surroundings are right. Not sure if I'd like the dome. I didn't get a chance to hit that when I was there.

Aladdin has a nice vibe to it. We saw "X" there (a boobie dance show, with a slight alt/artsy feel), and I have to say I thought it was kind of nice.

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Hey AJ, you left out the most important part of the trip report......the Can Can Room!
Jeff, Aladdin is soon going to lose its nice vibe if I'm not mistaken. I believe that the owners sold the place to Planet Hollywood and it's supposed to go through a complete facelift both inside and out sometime in the not too distant future. That really is a shame because I thought the Aladdin was pretty cool as well.

Ray P. (still rambling on about Vegas!)

Cheers to Aladdin, Jeers to the Can Can Room. A lack of a larger crowd indicated a soft morale of the entertainers. The boobies were there, but they were not wearing those smiles.

Jeers to the Flamingo Poker room, as AJ hates when couples sit at the same table, and talk non stop. Cheers to the Imperial Palace with free sandwiches and jumbo cookies. Good times.

I favor the Aladdin. Zanzabar cafe is top notch. I am certain Planet Hollywood will screw it up. The place is being divided into 4 'segments'. The Desert Passage was sold, the hotel will be leased by Sheraton, that giant theatre in the back will be having its own shows, and the casino will be themed to PH. Its sad, as the rooms have computers and such, and now it will probably evolve to a place like Hard Rock, where it is better to be seen at the bar, and not gamble ferociously. Maybe I am wrong, but I will go there and kick the tires. Like the world needs more fried LA lasanga.

The Implosion Video can be obtained with 2:30 am commentary by asking. Some thing you don't want to miss out on.

Freemont street is great and donuts were delic.

I want funhouse back at the dome. I was so looking forward to it, right AJ.

That grinch was evil and kept hitting me for some reason.

Try the meatloaf at Key Largo. Good times for only $5, add the salad for 1/100 of $100's.

Always a good time at Frontier. We must carry on with the big plans next time we fo.

Any way i too had a great time and it is always a pleasure hanging out AJ

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