15 producers laid-off from Disney entertainment

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15 producers were let go from Walt Disney World's entertainment complex as part of additional restructuring. According to one former producer, there's just "not as much to do" this year.

Read more from the Orlando Sentinel.

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Hmmm....well...having been recently restructured out of my company, I can sympathize. I know it sounds cheesy, but it has always held true for me, but when a dorr shuts, another opens.
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It's kind of like the movie Office Space in the Magic Kingdom!  Imagine Mickey going around saying "yeah........if you could just put the cover sheets on those WDW reports that'd be greeeaaat...."



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I've been waiting three months for that next door to open, but unfortunately most of the doors I knock on have been closed permanently.

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Is it the roar of Kumba or the kumba of Roar? Discuss!

Hey, this is about Disney, not Office Space. Too bad for those guys...
The biz is kinda slow right now for a lot of production companies. I'm a producer for 4 major cable networks and we've just let a lot of people go too, unfortunately. And I have lots of friends at other big networks and it's the same story.

The greatest thing about tv is that it can show repeats and it doesn't cost very much. It sure isn't cheap to make tv!

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This is funny and sad at the same time. Every time something like this happens, another nail is driven into the door I've been trying to break down for 4 years. Will I ever see the Earfful Tower from my office? Probably not. Things can only improve and hopefully these people will be called back. After all, how long can one go without an autograph from a 6 foot dog?
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Maybe now they'll make a film with redeeming qualities.

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