10/10/04: CP after over 16 years...

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Went to CP yesterday. first time in ages. Thanks to everyone in other posts for advise on how to hit the park.
TTD: first ride hit. Wait time about 40 mins which included 1 breakdown and 1 rollback. the breakdown took about 30 mins...
Thoughts on TTD: Truly unbelievable. Best coaster i've ever been on.
Iron Dragon: first swinging coaster ever been on... that was fun.
Mantis:Nice ride. was first time on a stand up coaster. fairly smooth.
gemini: still smooth after all these years...
Mine Ride: ditto...
Disaster Transport: That was a blast! my 14 yr old daughter loved that one.
Mean Streak: Nice long woodie. (what i don't understand is the block brakes as you go down the first hill... odd)
Raptor: Great! if only Serial Thriller (or whatever it's called now,) was that smooth.
Customer SRVC: Nothing short of fantastic. friendly, enthusiastic and professional.
Food: very good.
The Park overall: Beautiful. With the changing leaves, the cooler air and the great smells that only amuseparks can have, was a wonderful experience. there is a lot more to CP than just rides.
Crowds: we left at 5. my daughters in band/drama/ and about 5 other things in high school, and she got tired quick.
the park was not crowded. parking lot was maybe half filled...
I recomend CP to anyone on Sundays in October!

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Awesome! Glad you had fun. Was there still 3 train op of major coasters?
yes, 3 trains was the norm. i think TTD was running 4.
Truly, they have a great operation...

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Wow, Sunday crowds must be nothing compared to Fright Fest Saturday's. You waited 40 minutes for TTD including a 30 minute breakdown? The day before, my wife and I entered the line at 12:15 (15 minutes after official park-open), and it took us 60 minutes, without any breakdowns or roll-backs.
5 trains on TTD man. Yea, Sunday was a great day, I loved the late closing, and I loved getting to do Fright Zone and I actually did Werewolf (for me, that's a big deal!). Crowds were low, but actually it was pretty busy for a Halloweekends Sunday. Waited about 20 for Raptor, 1:15 for front seats on both MF (freeway) and TTD (regular). Overall, a great day - paddling on Gemini to keep it moving on the turns was great! ;)

CP rarely drops down trains. They went to 2 later in the night on Magnum.

Much props to the Fright Zone, I love that light-through-the-fog deal! *** Edited 10/12/2004 2:35:42 PM UTC by Impulse-ive***

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"Raptor: Great! if only Serial Thriller (or whatever it's called now,) was that smooth."

AMEN! ;)

Glad you had a good time at CP!


"You had a rollback? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

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FLYINGSCOOTER did you get a ride on Millennium Force?

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Macho: nope, never got on it. we went by it and saw a train stuck on the lift hill. My daughter said: no way... lol
but she did ride TTD and loved it.. kids, go figure..
shooting to go back there on the 24th...

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Sorry to hear that kept your daughter from riding MF...

Any time the train is stopped near the bottom of the lift it has been done so intentionally by an employee in the control booth. If the safety system had been the one to stop the train it wouldn't have done so until it was near the top. I can tell you that what you saw was done because someone decided to unbuckle their seatbelt as the train left the station. Employees are instructed to call a "hold" any time they see an unbuckled seatbelt. This sort of thing actually happens about once every week or two.

So maybe you can use some of this information next time to convince your daughter that MF is definitely worth riding :)

-Lusty Lil 2004 Millennium Force crew
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What happens if they can't get the person to buckle it?

I was going to say they could run the cable backwards and the train into the station but then again there are the magnetic anti rollbacks.

The thing about the seatbealt reminds me of when I was at CP in 01 and some 10 year old boy yelled "I didn't wear my seatbelt". This was halfway to the exit from the station when he said this. Wether or not its true he should of been kicked out of the park.

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I can't stand it when kids act like idiots and say stuff like that. Expecially when they get in the train and piss off the ops and slow them down.
I'm sorry to hear that FLYINGSCOOTER. I hope you take my advice for your next trip, get the handstamp and wait for the front car. Remember, there is only one first time and I think people here would agree with me that a front car ride delivers in spades. I love that coaster and hope I don't cry too much during my last few rides on closing weekend. :(

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we're planning on going again on the 24th. Thanks for the explanation Lil, (nice nic, btw.. :) ) and thanks to everyone for their input!

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