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OK, this is my first ever trip report, so if I do something wrong, please don't kill me.

This trip consisted of leaving last sunday (the 1st) and coming back home friday (the 6th). The goal was to hit three parks: Holiday World, Indiana Beach, and Michigan's Adventure. Before the trip, I was at 97 rollercoasters and wanted to make the Raven my 100th (which I did, with the help of a kid's coaster, unfortunately).

My family and I spent most of sunday driving out to Indiana (we live in pittsburgh). We arrived at Holiday World on Monday. I must tell you, Holiday World was better than I thought it would be. It was extremely clean (there were people in the parking lot sweeping up!) and the food and gifts were priced very well. You could tell their main goal wasn't trying to rip you off. Anyway, we covered almost all of the rides (Raven and Legend 4 times each). Last ride of the night was the Raven. It was dark by then and I rode it in the back. I must say, it was amazing. I mean, during the day it was good, but not really knowing where you were going (at least I didn't) made it much better, I was happy it was my 100th coaster. I noticed the park was quite crowded, and some of the waits were pretty long (I understand the influx of people this year). I was wondering, though, were there any plans to make the Raven capable of having two trains?

We went to Indiana Beach on Wednesday. I wasn't expecting much from the park. It was an o.k. small park, I guess. What I personally liked about it was the short lines. I didn't think all that much of Cornball Express, though. I mean, the first half of the ride is great, but it kind of meanders through the second half of the ride. I personally thought (crazy me) the Hoosier Hurricane was a bit better.

We only bought the p.o.p. plans until 6 o'clock and drove up to michigan's adventure the next day. I've been to a few cedar fair parks and must say, though, that I was least impressed with this park. It seemed over-priced like the bigger parks, but it was a relatively small park. It seemed like it didn't have the capacity to handle the large crowds that were there. I must say I wasn't really impressed with any of the coasters there. I was really looking forward to riding Shivering Timbers, but it didn't seem to be a top coaster that everyone makes it out to be. I sat everywhere on it, and I really didn't find the airtime that everyone was raving about. My favorite thing about it was riding the swans from cedar point. I thought it was neat to be riding the same exact ride in a completely different state. That's just me though.

Anyway, that was the coaster-part of my trip. I hope the report didn't bore you to death or anything.

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I'm surprised you didn't get any air on Shivering Timbers, but I can say from experience it runs better as the day goes on.

My son rode ST first thing in the morning and wasn't impressed, but rode it again much later in the day and changed his mind.

You didn't say how long you stayed at MiA. Did you try the waterpark?

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I stayed all day. I rode st at night, it was a bit better, but the only air seemed to be on the big hills going out, not on the camelbacks coming back. I didn't go to any of the waterparks at the parks we were at (I don't particularly care for waterparks, not to mention that was the day the cold front came in). I enjoy taking in the whole amusement park, not just the coasters, but I don't really care for the waterparks.

When I said there wasn't a whole lot at michigan's adventure I was taking into account the slides I skipped (just so many people there for a thursday when the parking lot was only half full). Couldn't seem to have enough capacity for everyone in the park.

I agree with you that a majority of the air is on the "out" trip, but goodness that is a crap load of air right there...and don't tell me the 4th hill didn't blow your mind. ST must have had an off day because I swear that ride has always given me oodles of air. MiA will come to its own in time...just probably a long time.
I love riding the Raven at night! Ya can't see your hand in front of your face...not that it really gives you a chance to try. I couldn't think of a better coaster to make your 100th ride on, even if it does mean riding the Holidog coaster first, (ya gotta do what ya gotta do).
A second train on The Raven?

Definitely a possibility for the future... :)

Thanks for visiting!


Paula Werne
Holiday World

what....what....Paula, tell me you aren't just pulling our legs!

You tease, you! ;)

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