100 couples to be married at Great Adventure Hallowedding

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As if getting married wan't scary enough, Six Flags Great Adventure is hosting a wedding for a hundred couples this Friday in a mass "Hallowedding."

Details on the Six Flags site.

That seems like it will be soo awesome. When I was there yesterday, they had something set up on the big wheel, probably the altar. LOL. It will be a wedding you would never forget :)
That has always seemed so stupid to me to get married on a coaster. I like coasters enough, but I think that is a little excessive. There is a time and a place for everything. A coaster honeymoon sounds like a great plan, but the actual ceremony?!?! Just seems too weird to me.

But hey, it's not my wedding, so what do I really care?
--this world takes all kinds

According to the Six Flags announcement: "On Friday, October 12th at 7 p.m. 100 couples will exchange vows in a mass wedding at the foot of the Big Wheel.."  If I read this correctly, it doesn't sound like they will be on a ride when the ceremony takes place. I'm not sure I'd like having Dracula and the "undead" in my wedding though...
Millennium Force looks too cold for me.
It does sound pretty interesting. I myself would rather have an individual wedding at a park then getting married with a bunch of other couples, but it would probably make for a pretty interesting reception.

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