10 Things You May Not Know About Kings Island

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With this being Kings Island's 40th season, there is a lot of media interest in the history of the park. This came across my radar today... http://cincinnati.metromix.com/events/article/10-things-you-may/3047732/content

Another interesting article about the history: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20120425/ENT/304250011/Kings-Island-thrill-ride-history


From the article...
9. The Grand Carousel is Kings Island's oldest ride. Coney Island purchased the ride in 1926 for $201,000. When Kings Island opened in 1972, it purchased the merry-go-round from Coney Island.

Now why would they do a thing like that?

In 1969, Taft Broadcasting bought Coney Island, including all its assets, for about $6.5 million, with the express intent of building Kings Island and moving everything from Coney that they felt was worth moving. Including the Carousel.

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I think we could definitely come up with a more interesting list ourselves.

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