10 Extreme Coasters & MSN

Another list of coasters put together by msn.


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Superman: The Escape?? Laughable!! Plus, crappy pic of MF, BUT...very cool to see Voyage on there getting the respect it deserves!!
Is El- Toro really the fastest woody in the U.S. ?
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Interesting read. :)
Superman? Come on!



With SOB SBNO RCDB reports El Toro as the fastest wooden coaster in North America.

As for the list no real surprises there.

Watch the tram car please....
How can SROS @SFNE not be on that list? Its better than any coaster on there.
Sounds like the list was put together strictly off of statistics. Tallest, fastest, longest, etc.

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At least they used RCDB for their statistics.
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LMAO. That's what I was thinking. ;)
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The only two rides that don't seem to meet the "-est" criteria (at the time of their opening) - Titan and Screamin'. I might even be willing to consider Titan as the "g-forciest", LOL. Screamin'....well, it's DISNEY! ;)

Even Toro makes it by virtue of Sonny being non-operational. I bet there's quite a few other 'buzzers that have all nine coasters (and one reverse freefall)... :)

Whats with all the hypers and gigas. Worst list ever.

Wheres Hades?

WTF is with Superman. Its been in top tens forever.The ride looks like junk compared to a lot of things.

Top 5 wood: 1.Hades 2.Voyage 3.Boulder Dash 4.Avalanche 5.Legend
Top 5 Steel: 1.Maverick 2.Fire Dragon 3.Batman 4.Raptor 5.Ice Dragon

Yea, the list isn't the greatest, but it may appeal to the average coaster rider.

Superman, should be taken off, it may have been fun back in the day, late 90s, but now, it's the worst ride i've ridden. It's just boring.

And as for california screamin', I just thought it was long. Not Extreme. But fun, with a lot of long.

-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

If this list is for the GP then why the heck is X not on there? That ride would make any average park goer very interested. much more than saying Goliath its practially the same ride as Titan.

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Awful list with even worse pictures. Man these websites are grasping for straws to come up with content these days.
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The "GP" thing is what I was thinking about......I will shut up now. ;)


Eh, this list was pointless. Goliath and Titan are practiacally the same thing and so is TTD and Kingda Ka. And as much as I do like S:TE, it's completely obsolete with TTD and Kingda Ka on the list. So there are 3 wasted spots. The only thing that would have made it worst is if they would have ranked the coasters in the order they had them in.

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If they removed one of TTD/KK and one of Titan/Goliath to make room for 2 other coasters I would be happy.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Worst list ever? Maybe Maybe not. They should have put Goliath at SFOG or Superman Ride of Steel over Titan at SFOT or Goliath at SFMM or S: TE. They migth as well as put in Big Apple or a Fiesta Express in the list.

Oh yeah list paid for in part by... Six Flags with 6 coasters, Cedar Fair with 2 and Disney with 1. Holiday World just gets in for having a really good roller coaster.

Defiantly a poll for the general public.

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That's a dumb list. It's like a regular Vekoma SLC and a Vekoma SLC with an extended helix tie.

Worst list ever? Maybe Maybe not. They should have put Goliath at SFOG or Superman Ride of Steel over Titan at SFOT or Goliath at SFMM or S: TE. They migth as well as put in Big Apple or a Fiesta Express in the list.
. How is SFOG's GOliath extreme? What they should of put instead of that scrap metal(STE) is Raging Wolf Bobs. I mean, whats more extreme than going from 50mph to 0mph in like 2 seconds then tilting to the edge. And whats retarded is that Kingda Ka is ALWAYS number 1 and TTD is always number 2.

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