10-2 Kings Island-First Time

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I finally found something to do that is close to my school, PKI! This place was amazing...

My friend Kristy and I left our dorms at 8:30 arriving at 9:30.

Delirium 7/10 we were on the second ride of the day...awesome ride.
then we headed over to

Son of Beast 8/10 waited one train for the front seat. I dont see why everyone complains about this ride. I thought it was a lot of fun. The ride photo is in a very dumb spot. By the end of the day we rode SOB 3 times. I dont see how they could stack with only two trains...

Face Off- 3/10 I hate these types of rides...but Kristy wanted to ride. So we rode and i got to stare at this creepy man-exciting

Scooby 8/10 (as a family ride) it was themed really well and I kicked Kristy's butt!!! WOO

Log Ride (forgot name) this was a rough log ride...we didnt get wet at all till that DAMN elephant!!! The elephant must die!

Vortex 8/10 What a fun ride...I had never been on a large looper so this was something new for me. Waited about 20 minutes for our first ride then walked on for our second later at night (11pm)

Beast 10/10-MY NEW FAVORITE RIDE...this ride was just amazing. Walked right on first time. Fast paced-the tunnels!-ahhh lol Rode 2 more times in the day-for our last ride on Beast at 11:30 we were so cold...but its worth it.

Tomb Raider 7/10-rode it twice. THe first time we rode it was an hour wait and we were stuck behind the most annoying people ever! (imbreeding?) The theming is great though the movie never played...the screen rode and nothing happened. When we rode around 11 pm they didnt even do the preshow.

Adventure Express 7/10 fun mine ride...a lil anticlimatic, as you climb the last lift they are saying "now you must pay!!!" then the ride is over...

Top Gun-5/10 wasnt really worth the walk to the ride

Flight of Fear 7/10- great theming while in the line.

Racer 7/10 we rode forward had some air time (i didnt notice any air on any of the other rides)

Spongebob 3d! WOO spongebob...sadly that movie was more frightening than the movie that played next door for the FearFest (DONT SEE THAT MOVIE) We waited over an hour to see the movie and it was just bad...BAD

Physco Path-waited an hour...wasnt that bad

we did another haunted house but it wasnt anything special.

At midnight we left the park...very tired, cold and happy!!! woo

the pics... http://photobucket.com/albums/v137/sweetiepetie/KIngs%20Island/

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Glad you had a good time. Personally I have never been on SOB or to Kings Island. If that park had a really good hyper I think it would be one of the best 2 or 3 parks in the country.

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It's funny how PKI has a really good hyper, but a lot of people don't really consider it a hyper and some don't really think it's that great...SOB is over 200' people, but I guess the fact that it's wooden takes away from te fact that it really is a hyper...

But I know what you're saying, a nice Intamin hyper coaster on the lines of Superman at SFNE would be very good for the park.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

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Nice trip report. I was also there on Saturday wearing a bright yellow www.idorapark.org t-shirt w/ hat. It was my first visit to PKI ever, after several years of putting it off. I too rode the Beast in the morning with no wait and it was incredible. Later, I took a night ride and it was so awesome! :)

Well the only thing I don't like about SOB is the the seats are to small. If they made some new cars for a little that are just alittle bigger it might be the best ride in the park.
And we now have another Beast lover. I still think this ride is great but the Beast truly comes out at night! Can't beat a night ride on the Beast.

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